The part arc the former girlfriend “it resolved a misunderstanding with the person concerned and frank talk”


The woman Mr.A whom the whole girlfriend of the part arc insists explained “the part arc and sexual intercourse were not oppressive”. The Gejaehaet the writing it would like to resolve a misunderstanding the sweetheart has sex the fact that he becomes after party and frank talk gets to be acknowledged of course, on ” oppressive sexual intercourse ‘ the whole girlfriend Mr.A of the part arc rejected the sexual relations to its own Instagram on 6th it brought up the end that I am ‘ rape ‘ at firstAll. Previously, A Ssi published the picture which the text of the palm pattern disclosing the privacy of the same day morning part arc and part arc and appearance shoots with the alike person in its own SNS. The self developed to the sweetheart in the posting in the fan. The content that it insists to finish after sexual intercourse, was contained. Joget it has ” this dawn and meeting with the agency of the party and party and I write the composition explaining the oppressive sexual intercourse ‘, saying that, saying that Mr.A is “it thought that ‘ sexual violence ‘ and distorted fact like ‘ Mi two exercise ‘ I which wanted to focus on the change of attitude after Seongwangyeha had to be seen and the immediately has to catch lice” when the eagle becomes a problem. The sweet conclusion came out. It explained that I agreed to this and the composition got to be written. In the meantime, mr.A spoke as “the person concerned and I apologized and the feeling about the eel was released. The word which it wanted to refrain the severe word which the third party everyone aim at all we on would like to be decided”. After that, it explained as “I have never mentioned the word that it suffered the sexual violence from the first time. It thinks that distorted article and that it gets the damage in the gossip and one are unjust the composition is written”. The part arc is the character who shows the unlike other people ability through the participant at youngest of ‘777 it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ and arrests attention.
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