‘the revenge pornography’ and yesterday and other today


‘the sexual intercourse movie’ The appearance is left and it is very provocative with the mention itself. The case suffering the one-sided damage due to the video outflow or threat had the majority but the female entertainers have the recently it is much changed shape on the past. The forcible outflow suffered the video in which the majority female entertainers are the grade by the past, or there was the thing receiving the video which the appearance cannot be well known the threat against by the curse. All Tteonat C Ssi the broadcast circles it returned barely A and B Ssi suffering the outflow damage actually were unable to install for several years appearing in TV D and E Ssi suffered the trouble because of the threat that it will spread the movie if it will be not to give money and valuables. In conclusion, it was not found out but the smear on reputation could not be avoided. In Korea society, ‘the nature’ is prohibited to the single woman and the related talk is the fact to be the work which it cannot help doing ‘hush up’. Bat, it had to be the continuous pointing with ‘suspicion’ 10,000. While ‘the Mi two (the Me Too and I had done)’ exercise spreads to the sexual harassment width in the whole world now, the warm eye line toward the victim is blooming in our country. It started to the men who the amorce came to the exposure of Geehyun Suh prosecutor in last January and who held the disease in the heart and who buy learn one two courage and open lips. It was not only for legal circles and ‘the Mi two exercise’ spread out to all social standings including world of culture and art, political world, and etc. It was not the year 1 as yet. But since the voice of the magnetism about the sexual harassment became louder the atmosphere different from the before was formed. Unconditionally the culture critic drawing the late wood had to exercise self-discipline, it acted ” past ‘ sexual intercourse movie ‘ on the women as the meaning. The diversity, that is the grade, was respected recently. While the Mi two sports was caused, the atmosphere was changed and it saw. The group KARA from actor Koo Hara (27), as to the fact that it accuses the hair designer most people (27) cause who is the whole boyfriend of the charge including the sexual harassment, threat, and etc. was known to the world on the 27th of last month on 4th. The Koo Hara asserts as ‘it is one movie that Koo Hara takes and the video is transmitted from the relationship theorem dimension’ and ‘most Ssi threatened me with the sexual intercourse movie’, most Ssi is revealing the tight difference in positions. It points out that Koo Hara is wearing ‘the revenge pornography (the horse in which it tells on the picture of naked body, sexual intercourse movie, and etc. which it circulates it revenges the parting sweetheart)’ criminal victimization with such situation and the public is demanding the powerful punishment about the relevant crime. On 4th, in Blue House national petition and proposing bulletin board, the writing of the title came up. The writing learned the standard, almost, the motion of about 171,600 person a.m. 11 on 6th. The culture critic drawing the late wood was developed into the natural that ” celebrities reveal its own one’s culture. It is and these days which the eye line about ‘nature’ is changed. The eye line was pouring and ‘it has to protect’ was analyze to Koo Hara whom I confess in this kind of mood ‘the sexual intercourse movie’ victim than the blame.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734765.htm, 2018/10/06 13:00:01]