The typhoon bean ray Busan going north ‘tearful face’ including the film festival, event place border, and etc.


25. the typhoon Kkongre, as to the news that it goes north was known to the noon Busan on 6th. About which as to Busan, the round will not show by the pouring rain and blast in the street from the man The twenty third time the Pusan International Film Festival dreaming of the flight which is splendid with “the first year of the normalization” got to frown due to the weather. The Pusan International Film Festival notified ‘the outdoor stage place fluctuation is guided to borrow Haeundae beef’ on the official site. The film festival revealed “the outdoor stage people and was planning to progress in the outdoor stage to borrow Haeundae beef the typhoon bean ray hand printing and place of the open talk which were changed of the blastema calmness lounge of the palace 2 the lera sprout plaza of the movie and I per movie ceremony”. It was known to begin the deconstruction already to borrow the beef prepared in the Haeundae sandy beach. The blue ‘ Byeonsan ‘ female and male murder ‘ putting ‘the starvation nose I&II’ ‘construction’ ‘happy city’ ‘blowout’ ‘the attempting man’ Miss white ‘ burning ‘ maiden performance ‘ proceeds on 6th mother tongue ‘the starvation nose I&II’ were changed to the movie ceremony Dang 2 the lera sprout square in Haeundae beef Village. As much as the film festival starts and the movie which there is a lot of 6th, that is the first weekends, foretells the meeting with the audience, this typhoon news is a pity. Kkongre passes the Tongyeong Gyeongnam with the standard at 10 a.m. and passes the near mid-day either before or after Busan. Meteorological Administration, as to the rain of 70mm got off at 5 o’clock Busan in the morning. The rain of 80~150mm gets off more in the future. It poured into the coast in the maximum 200mm and forecasted. The damage from tidal waves concern is at the coast. The spectator has to be careful about the safety as much as the Pusan International Film Festival majority progresses in Haeundae and Centum City. 23. the Pusan International Film Festival is held in the Busan great theater including movie ceremony party ·CGV Centum City · Lotte cinema Centum City · Mega-box Haeundae, and etc. until 13th. The closing flim is ‘the leaf outside one’s field former’ of the Hong kong circle peace supervision. As to invited work, the world Premier movies now playing at theater is 115 volume (85 volumes of long work, 30 volumes of fragment) with 323 volume, 79 country.
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