…, to 3 p.m., the fixed cancellation the film festival and bean ray be hits directly


23. the Pusan International Film Festival took back the constants where it proceeds in the fields including the stage greeting, open talk, and etc. the typhoon bean ray partly. The Pusan International Film Festival revealed on 6th, the official site “the outdoor stage people and open talk which was planning to progress in the palace 2 lera sprout square of the movie the typhoon bean ray was withdrawn with the today interim”. After that, it told “the previous event was altogether withdrawn including ‘ burning ‘ open talk at 3 p.m. 3:30”. It is advanced normally from 2 times round and also at 1 p.m. ‘MIRA person of the blastema calmness-future’, that is the cancellation schedule, proceeds normally. Haeundae area of which the film festival is opening was hit by the landing of the bean ray on Jikgyeokta. Because of skirting along the sea and being and the Geose downpour and strong wind continued. The emergency disaster letters that it limits the vehicular traffic including the Gwangan Daegyo, south port large bridge, Busan Port large bridge, and etc. was not stopped. And in Haeundae road, it got wider to the situation where the traffic light was broken due to the strong wind and some building goes out. While the limit arose in the Haeundae great car and passing, it became to cause the setback which is big in the film festival. No more than the number which gets the influence because the most of events accomplishes in this near Therefore, the events which were planning to proceed from the morning to 3 p.m. were altogether canceled for the safety of the audience and actor. The Pusan International Film Festival notified on SNS “the man ‘ ‘EFP’ ‘ burning ‘ back constant where it attempts ‘ starvation nose I&II’ ‘ construction ‘ happy city ‘ blowout ‘ is withdrawn”. 23. the Pusan International Film Festival is held in the Busan great theater including movie ceremony party ·CGV Centum City · Lotte cinema Centum City · Mega-box Haeundae, and etc. until 13th. The closing flim is ‘the leaf outside one’s field former’ of the Hong kong circle peace supervision. As to invited work, the world Premier movies now playing at theater is 115 volume (85 volumes of long work, 30 volumes of fragment) with 323 volume, 79 country.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734770.htm, 2018/10/06 14:23:49]