Busan background ‘huh story’ and special meeting with Busan audience


With the Jot Ne example truth with ” weather the cloud burst It is Bangapseumni. All Haet the people with the Busan dialect the actor Gimhui child appearing on the movie ‘huh story’ reveals the looks excited at the meeting with Busan audience The movie ‘huh story’ open talk progressed in the Haeundae-gu in Busan Udong movie ceremony Dang 2 the lera sprout square on 7th. The actor Gimhui child, Munsuk, and Gyudong Min director attended. As to gyudong Min director, this day liked the weather. ‘huh story’ was shot in Choryang-dong and there seemed to be the worth which the hour got to be over and in this way, it gets to meet (with the audience) in Busan and was good, welcomed “***” warmly and makes the movie and that day was said. It got to love as the hometown of the second because of shooting Munsuk in ” Busan for a long time. It was so deeply moved and the unlike other people one’s ppinion was revealed. ‘huh story’ is the talk hot of the grandmothers only standing grandiosely against Japanese Government with the effort of the person and men fighting together for them since 1992 by the year 1998 in 6 years. In spite of accomplishing the meaningful result as much as the Japanese Islands was turned over at that time in a sudden, it is ‘the tube member board’ misfire which it didn’t inform properly so far one work with the meterial. The long-term popularity is attracted as much as the close pan that it is ‘huh story is frozen’ appears and there is this film. As to the Gimhui child, ” singer is hydrolyzed like the title. The good line we learning was met and we told. After that, the dialect the movie appearing movie was metabolized and He got cooperation with audience, saying that it was “there is failed one among one which I touch”. The Gimhui child told “it is so satisfied with this metabolism” “the dialogue which the supervisor is good is hired and it thanks”. All Moat the interest it is and ‘huh story’ known ‘huh story is frozen’s ran the simple comb the theater made The Gimhui child was invited to ” simple comb event and went and was the experience done for the first time. It wondered and was anxious and because the audience saw the filled with looks in the theater, the worth participating in the movie was felt, it was one which it gets the prize in “***” a film festival no less feeling. This feeling could not forget and reminisced at the time. Gyudong Min director was “when it thinks that there was the pleasure in which the looks in which each actors held the simple mother and role more than the wife and which spreads is fresh because the audiences saw” and told “it thinks that fun which the depth which it sympathizes with the width of the solidarity and movie is peculiar was inspired and the vitality seems to be extended in the long run”. The Gimhui child received the best actress award in the award of best film to be 27 commitments due to this work. Sonyeong Kim got the best supporting actress award. The Gimhui child did “the Busan dialect was so difficult” “it was the electric conduction which is the biggest to me”. It told the Munsuk “the feeling which It seems to become the national man of merit after doing this noble role gets” “whether it was one that the feeling of the Korean race how is through the work got to know”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734812.htm, 2018/10/07 15:51:21]