Is there the cafe which the president Mun Jae-In visits?


4th which the Pusan International Film Festival is over started on a full scale. ‘the normalization first year’ was declared this year and film festival which is energetic than any other time was notified in advance. However, the heaven was indifferent. The typhoon Kkongre went north and the rainstorm began to rage in Busan. In the Haeundae Beach, the stars and open talk which it is together saw. The event which the white sandy plain installs here and there was enjoyed and it wanted but this wind was washed away along with the typhoon bean ray. Instead, the enjoyed street was found in the hall. ‘was there this one?’ the Busan Film Festival was frequently found with the reporter with the spectator so far Because there was the enjoyed street which is many as much as it wanted and it was startled all of a sudden. ◆ in the Pusan International Film Festival, if the life photograph is left and it wants. The instant photo attached here and there in the movie ceremony Dang beef heel first floor one the part. The instant photo venue it was the place doing what These visiting the film festival alone left and ‘the film festival authentication photo’ with the friend and sweetheart. It was not so long but ordinarily the line was not easy to put due to the restricted time. So, it paid to the volunteers running the event. It is the end whether it can put if it is how. The volunteer told “the foreground of the photo which ‘ the Pusan International Film Festival ‘ ‘BIFF’ is included or the beef Village for is prettily voted. It can post on SNS and it is sweet and the relation hash tag can be authenticated to the volunteers”. After volunteer takes ‘the life photograph’ and it prints. The business hour proceeds from 1 p.m. until 6 o’clock. Of course, it is the free charge. ◆ In Busan famous caves the same place It rained and the weather was chilly, the delicious coffee wanted to eat. For going to the cafe from the movie of the palace, it was not if the very thought of doing something appeared for the world because it was a bit distinguished. At that time, the coffee aroma emitted strongly. It was the fragrance the Ttara Ga. The cafe corner in which 22 Busan famous cafe got together and which it sells inexpensively was seen. Serve realize for the selection of talented people or staff member of film for free. It was selling into the cheap price that it is 3,000 won to the spectator. However, it is possible. Maoseu Mao coffee Hohseong Kang chief officer was keeping this day the seat. Hohseong Kang chief officer explained on meter which gets to take part “the caves got to take part due to the Busan area’s large-scale event flag as the object called the participation Hae steps ja together”. After that, it told “the coffee in which the men like the movie are tasty wanted to be together enjoyed eating”. Hohseong Kang chief officer revealed and, “the president Mun Jae-In that was extremely difficult and visits the film festival surprisingly visited this cafe corner” and made the filled with pride look. ◆ The movie seen as VR It peeked and the men flocked shortly into the place used VR from 5 minutes at the longest to 2 hours. It takes care to enjoy the movie as the different way It wondered and the reporter peeked. VR could be said to be the reservation on the day or first-come first-served. The time had to be fairly invested but for enjoying the film festival as the different way, it was the right thing. Like this, it could feel be little by little changed. To watch the movie so far, it was the movie of the palace but the movie could be watched in this great theater but the small scale VR theater appeared now and VR could be easily come across. One in which VR fairly popularized now is grafted onto the Busan Film Festival The more technologically developed Pusan International Film Festival could be felt. ◆ In the movie related books the same place It moved the seat into the movie ceremony per altogether and the Haeundae sandy beach outdoor stage was opened because of the typhoon bean ray in the inside of palace of the movie and 2 lera sprout plaza. The audiences, as to the morning gathered earlier on around the event opening on a full scale from 5th. In the stage near, the places of which the books are accumulated were seen. The movie related book seemed to be sold. Because of drink the warm coffee which the beef heel receives and see the book, the people concerned awarded “the movie was watched” the postcard. The postcard vowel and snack was being served for the men have the film festival movie ticket realize for free. “is the first time in any chances this year to participate in this event?”When asking, then it gave an answer “it had been doing for a long time” and the Jeonghyerin Ssi of the publishing company this Bukseu who is the person in charge of selling told “the many men don’t know yet”. Realize, this Bukseu was the place where it publishes the movie related book. There were a lot of the movie books translated into Engilsh for the foreigners. The Jeonghyerin Ssi asked for many concerns, saying that it was “one which the movie related books like clearly if it is the men like the movie”. Like this, the events which it didn’t know usually yet were abundant in the palace everywhere. Didn’t you end up in the movie watching if it didn’t know? It expects that many men enjoy as much as the events which are good that everyone enjoys the friend, sweetheart, and I alone are prepared.
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