‘the revenge pornography’ most Ssi and possibility for the punishment?


The man sending the sexual intercourse movie to the sweetheart love for a while Here, it is not. ‘it will be the celebrity life very good’ ‘it will inform’ the threat didn’t Seoseumha in the movie after. How the mind of Koo Hara who gets hurt as much as it cannot recover has to be where treated. The treatment is possible. Was most Ssi which threatens because of spreading the sexual intercourse movie to the separated sweetheart the number to receive the legal punishment against? The Sungshin Women’s University law and law of criminal suit Gimna Jjeum professor told “according to the existing sex offense punishment law, because when the sexual intercourse circulation threat crime is not accurately stipulated under current law, the possibility that most Ssi is punished thins” on 5th. There has to be the definite evidence that there was no agreement, firstly most took a picture of the sexual intercourse video so that it Ssi could be punished and the fact that it spreads to 2 Jjae and outside has to be confirmed. If, if two cases is not altogether applicable, the possibility applying the sex offense punishment law is the opinion which rare one is dominant. In conclusion, the likelihood that it hits against the Intimidation charge belonging in the monetary penalty in which the sex offense relevant laws belonging in the relatively powerful punishment is not the biggest. It is prescribed so that Intimidation is not sex offense originally, and moreover, the fine less than the penal servitude less than the year 3 or 5 million won can be imposed. The threat crime in which the level of punishment is remarkably lower than the sex offense ends up in the monetary penalty mostly. The public opinion that the sexual intercourse image circulation threat crime scene acted as the risk which is fatal in the life of the women is light to punish the assaulter in comparison with the nature of a crime had been being continued for a long time but it is the situation of which the revision of law is not easy. The Korea sexual assault over the Internet response center Seonghui Suh representative showed the serious regret in relation with this. It stands and as to representative, the time to see “koo Hara was accused of the one-sided violence harmer by most Ssi. However, it was unable to have the refutation which becomes properly” ” past entertainer sexual intercourse incidents of outflow in this day shows the phase which is similar to the Koo Hara Ssi case. If the image went up once, while the man didn’t undertake in the chapter of the victim but positively the image was downloaded and watched, it joined in the doing harm, the legal regulation which “***” is strong was urgent and they raised the men voice. When the report went out due to the assault incident for the first time, even when He doesn’t have any fault, why He realizes the fault of ‘ I. It thought if were you regardless of the reason (I), it was sorry and told and the altitude was added? In case the man shooting the body of the man recognizing the certain individual through ‘the digital sex offense damage prevention comprehensive countermeasures’ between the sweetheart for the revenge, and etc. last September 2017 or behavior spreads the motion picture, the government abolishes the existing monetary penalty. It is the condition where it makes the law which it decides to punish for the penal servitude less than the year 5. However, the execution of law time which the year 1 is past is in fog. 5 people committed the sexual intercourse circulation image omission suicide among 107 women requesting the request in 2018. The attackers spreading the image of 5 people victims passing away pitifully were concluded as the monetary penalty of under 5 million wons. As long as the powerful punishment and regulation is not prepared, there is no that we can install. It is the reality which cannot help hoping still that second which suffers because of bothering for the place which is not seen with the fear foil and Koo Hara of the third don’t appear.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734766.htm, 2018/10/07 13:00:02]