The violence dispute for is asked. Does ‘the movie threat’ confession rise?


“did koo Hara hit the boy friend?” ”s violence’ took the public mouth suddenly and spread like the flames of the field parched up. “it is one side violence.”The,” is not. It is the both parties violence. ‘the private life of the idol’ causing the controversy seemed to be concluded as the investigation by police and formal apology. However, it headed toward the new conditions into one word that the case is ‘movie’. It didn’t take the month which the additional receipt of a complaint (last month 27 day) fact about the charge including the sexual harassment, and etc. gives notice of ㅇ from the statement to police on 4th on the 13th of last month as yet. This level is rising over the time who is the group KARA native actor Koo Hara and whole boyfriend. The stir was caused by the violence dispute, the oil was poured into the flames which came out to ‘the private life movie’ after all and burnt up. ‘reconciliation’ says be wanted. But ‘exposure’ doesn’t stop. Did you get to disclose till the fact that it gets the threat as ‘the sexual intercourse movie’ where there is the fatal days to the female entertainer that why it finds? Look back on the case history of Koo Hara develop into ‘the revenge pornography’ crime harsh punishment and Choi. ◆ report and receipt-most Ssi “one side violence of Koo Hara” Vs that Koo Hara assaulted most Ssi from the Koo Hara · most Ssi and statement to police on the additional complaint in the Gangnam Seoul police station 0:30 with ▷ year 2,018 9 the month 13 the day- The Koo Hara “the both parties violence”- is found and the agency “it will find and as the person in charge and contact will check the Dwae… not, the standpoint will be announced” ▷2,018 year 9 month 14 day- are found and the agency “yet, Koo Hara and connection, not, the Dwae”-Gangnam Seoul police station “one which it is delaying the Koo Hara · most Ssi and police attendance, it sends the summons if it fails in the harmony in which… will appear”- is found and the hospitalization is strengthened. It finds after the degree and 17 days- the agency “among the hospitalization treatment it finds” ▷, on September, 2018, 15 the day-the most the Ssi the interview “koo Hara and parting are notified, it assaults and I don’t have Ttaerin with…” and scar opening of photo ▷ are found on September, 2018 and the interview “the beginning and relationships with men doubt of most Ssi” and hurt · the diagnosis opening to the public-most Ssi “one which is absurd and… police attends”- can find. The agency “it confirms for the detail law firm”-21 o’clock and most Ssi the police attendance ▷, on September, 2018, 18 days-15 o’clocks interview Injeonghana Choessiga Sasaenghwal Dongyeongsangno Hyeopba*) Guhara side “9 month on 27th the castle most Ssi the interview “the disturbance Kkeut in feels hungry, cause… worry and be sorry” ▷2,018 year 10 month 4 day- are found the police attendance- is found it findsThe complaint “-most Ssi” threat intention is not for the charge including violence · threat · enforcement, and etc. one “-‘ revenge porno ‘ crime harsh punishment request wave ▷2,018 year 10 month 5 day-most Ssi interview” relationship theorem of is taken care that Koo Hara takes in advance and… reconciliation the late digs.
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