Get in “busan aperture sea sightseeing” ocean line shuttle bus going the direction.


The typhoon Kkongre swept around the bout Busan. The partial area in Busan went out by the pouring rain and Geose wind. It was broken by the wind and the traffic light, sign, and every kind of signboard were destroyed. The sunny weather was imagined and the real film festival was trying to be enjoyed but Kkongre took this wish away. Also many movie fans oves the whole country took advantage of the weekend and Busan was visited but it could not spit out no more than regretful sigh. However, there was no number to waste the time like the gold. The coloring in Busan had to be Neukkyeo although the film festival was unable to be enjoyed. It became to know the fact that it operates ‘the ocean line’ shuttle bus in the Pusan International Film Festival just in time. Because the spectator breaking out at the other area took with the shuttle bus which is made so that there could be the number to see the seaside along the Haeundae bathing resort, it was the just good system. It faced rapidly to the information as soon as it arrived at the cinema of the palace. ◆ Where can you take? Because the Pusan International Film Festival shuttlebus stop was not separately marked, it was a bit difficult to find. It was the fastest way to ask to the information prepared in the movie of the palace or ask to the volunteers. The volunteers in charge of the operation of shuttle buses shined on the station putting the table. It was to contribute. One people explained among the volunteer “it is operated by the chapter San line and ocean line and two routes” “first the film festival badge or the showing ticket holder can take with the order”. There is the number which it is the man without 2, is burnt for free. The shuttle bus was managed 15 minutes. The long space was furtively a pity but it conversed with the colleague and saw, 15 minutes passed instantly. ◆ as to the Ocean line course, through where do you go? The ocean line course was shorter than the thought. Start from the movie of the palace and spread around the Bexco and Areu blood or Grand Hotel. It was spent about 15 to 20 minutes. It was the just good course that film festival was enjoyed and this bus in was gotten going the direction and it saw when there was the idle time. Especially it was perfect to be the place where the restaurant in the near Haeundae Beach bar, cafe, and etc. stand closely together caught and enjoy as the eye and search for ‘good restaurant’. One that it has the ocean line to be regretful and it is hard to see the sea After becoming hidden by the tree and signboard lamp and getting in the bus going the direction, it was the seascape hard to see. However, this day got the influence of the typhoon, whether the waves rose highly fairly and even though it was the little, it could see. If the idle time appears more, one which gets off at the stop near seaside and which it sees seems to be good. ◆ the bus scale and facility? The scale can be regarded as the airport bus. It is perfect to these which it is composed of the comfortable chair and walk and get tired. As to the guide broadcast, because the volunteer that progressed with Korean with Engilsh and speaks the foreign language was taking and the foreigners took, it was good. The in fact many foreigners were taking advantage of this shuttle bus. It was the service which is good that these doing not know Busan geographical features well took advantage. However, · ending day is not revolved and the service can be withdrawn by the transportation or weather condition only the delay. The last bus starts from the movie ceremony per at 7 p.m. There is not only Ocean line but also Chang mountain line. It is operated at B intervals and goes up to Mega-box Haeundae. However, the film festival was recommended “the Centum City and Mega-box Haeundae section are faster to move to the subway”. It said as the chicken instead of the pheasant, or. The film festival event was cancelled due to the bean ray effect with the majority but the shuttle bus in was gotten going the direction and here and there were seen. There was the fun which the own way is fresh. Especially this year, as to all events were opened in the movie ceremony party and the sea sightseeing was unable to be never once done. The rest of the minute and Busan mood could be felt with the Ocean line shuttle bus.
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