Jaehyun Cho Mi two exploded The damage claim woman “it had done in the age of 10,017”


The women who insists to encounter the sexual violence by the actor Jaehyun Cho in the age of 17, showed This woman Mr.A lodged the hundreds of millions compensation claim against Jaehyun Cho. 10asia quoted the end of the legal circles on 8th and reported “the days when I was the minor and women A Ssi which insists to suffer the sexual violence by Jaehyun Cho, lodged the compensation claim of the hundreds of millions against Jaehyun Cho in 2004”. Mr.A was known to insist that I suffered the sexual violence by Jaehyun Cho in the age of 10,017 and it was going on living with hiting against the mental stress as a result. The reason why Mr.A takes over the small intestine far later was not specifically informed before. The lawsuit was sent to the control. The court got off the decision requiring settlement on the 17th of last month. In the mediation procedure, in case the inter partes agreement is not valid, the court is able to make the decision replaced in the control with the official authority for the fair solution. However, while Mr.A doesn’t accept the compulsory mediation of the court and it files an objection through the requests objection, the formal trial proceeds. Seoul Central Court consultation of civil affairs 17 part (the real truth tiger head judge) is in charge of the lawsuit. The date for pleading is the undecided yet. Jaehyun Cho was pointed out as many sexual predators from the Mi two (the Me Too· I had done) exercise spreading to the culture · art world in last Feburary. After him alit from the TvN drama ‘cross’ which was appeared and stopped all show businesses. Jaehyun Cho accused the Korean residents in Japan actress that insists to suffer the sexual violence from 6 months I this year, to Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office of the habit threat and attempted extortion charge.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734901.htm, 2018/10/08 18:28:50]