‘jun Guk Noraejarang’ scramble… teuroteu credit can have designs after the pond.


The teuroteu singer pond after climbed ‘jun Guk Noraejarang’ stage and the cheerful stage was shown. It appeared in KBS 1TV ‘the Jun Guk Noraejarang-game Anyang-shi chapter’ broadcasted after the pond at last seventh as the invited singer and the stage was decorated with ‘sweetly, my love’. It is the evaluation that the refrain which the toxicity is strong and singing ability was in harmony and refreshing it pulled the mood of the field up onto fully and accomplished the role of the invited singer 100%. It was the stage manner the professional Dap the steps such as inducing cooperation with audience to the bright smile after the pond in this besides and being the neighborhoods till the loveable choreographing and inducing the shoulder dance of the audiences, etc. Meantime, the digital single ‘sweetly, my love’ is brought out in last July and it is being the active activity after the pond. The chorus which is splendid with the semi teuroteu tune of the flow channel dance atmosphere which the pertinent music adds the melody of the Latinism and EDM is the feature. Especially the fascination was added with the housekeeping in which the pond after took part in the writing the lyrics directly and which was more cheerful and which clings tightly to the mouth.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734864.htm, 2018/10/08 15:07:28]