… nonprosecution opinion taken over by the public prosecutor’s office ‘the suspicion of swindle face a lawsuit’ Yeeun and feel victimized false charge were taken off


The group ‘wonderGirls’ singer of origin Yeeun (28· one’s real name Bagyeeun) got rid of the suspicion of swindle. Seoul Suseo police sent to the police on Yeeun nonprosecution opinion accused in relation with the father dusk pastor suspicion of swindle on 7th. After getting the investment of the believers because of promoting the entertainment business, Park pastor who is the example debt of gratitude father is hiting against the pocketed charge. Saying that the fraud siding with of Mr. Park was suspicious, the believers accused him together but with being no context or money business, and etc. in which Yeeun participates the believers grasped and there was no suspicion, the police be reported that present the conclusion. Park pastor was sentenced to the imprisonment year 6 for the charge pocketing the money 19 billion won equivalent of about 150 believer in last year. There was known to be the electricity receiving the prosecution investigation against the charge doing the churchwoman the forced indecent act. “because the injustice of the father continued from the childhood and the parents divorced, it was the inconvenient relationship as much as I didn’t call the father as the father” in interview with the press in relation with the suspicion of swindle implication of the Yeeun the father “it forgived due to the marriage of the sister for some time but the process where the fury exploded again and it cuts off the relation again was repeated” the lateIt goes back.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734825.htm, 2018/10/08 00:00:03]