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The female girl group black pink members showed up for the commercial shooting Jang. It was selected for ‘mise en scene’ model in which they who is the icon leading not only domestic but also Asian fashion with the black pink self activity left for K-POP and that leads the recent K beauty and the fascination was released. The advertisement filming spot behind scene of the black pink members whose 4 Saek fascination of 4 people are contained of was taken a picture. The black pink members utilized the charisma which each holds and ‘complete the style of me until the ends of one’s hair’ expressed the key message to do the stylish. The members produced characteristically the style suiting me and captivated the attention of the people concerneds. ▶ genie who it digested ‘genie’ what kind of clothes of the charisma which it does the lovely even when seeking like the glutinous rice cake and who is called to be ‘the human Chanel’ between the fans overwhelmed the surrounding eyes in the filming spot. Even when being sexy, genie appearing as the color hair robbed of the fascinating dark choco emitted the black see-through top cloth and cat shape of eyes the cute fascination with the point with one make-up. The class was bound in abundant S curl and especially the impression which was arrogant and which it seeks of genie was restored. All Badat the praise moreover, this day genie reveals passionate figure it practices firstly, it strikes a pose this day sits on the formal shooting all chair▶ the index which wore ‘index number’ floral dress eaten the innocence fruit fully and shows showed off the pure and innocent fascination. The pink earrings was worn and the long wave hair of Seuttik Mi black turn color was considered and the index utilized the charisma done the lovely. It was and well-versed in the continuing shooting and the fresh smile was not lost. The pure and innocent face and styling became more and more and the personality in which there was a lot of the laughter of the index number and which it is bright got more through Bit. It conveyed from the set as “the lustrous hair will be managed with the chapter and perfect serum in which there is a lot of concern with the hair change which the usual time is frequent in the damage care” and the charisma the youngest Lisa of ▶ the girl crush one the barbie dool ‘lisa’ black pink appeared effusively to the black skinny pants as the long walker boots. The fashion point was given in the long hair of the gold color basketball matching the black fashion and vanilla gold colour. It added and to be splendid with the ring earrings and large-scale necklace. When the camera was turned on, then Lisa released the girl crush one charisma with the look where there is the charisma. The mysterious eyes and immersion coming out of clear ear eye mouth and nose of Lisa was made to hold the scene breath. The height and handsomely tall ratio like the model had the looks like ‘barbie dool’. ▶ Rorze who wore the one-piece which ‘rorze’ of the fascination which acted with confidence and is fresh feminine and appears released the fascination which acted with confidence and is fresh. When stopping in front of camera, then Rorze revealed figure which touched the soft hair and the self confidence overflows. The hair which it laps as it made a boast of the hair its own gloss overflowing was shown towards the camera. The hair of Rose gold color and one-piece produced Rorze of the one’s figure split up the Yeo Ri to be more refreshing. The perfect outcome was made with the confident appearance in front of camera and Rorze of the personality which there is usually a lot of the shyness received applause in the place. Even when there were together the black pink members handling completely the military affairs which on stage is sexy, the teamwork standing out was displayed. Professional figure was displayed such as shooting that in spite of being the shooting for the long time, it played a prank by the members and the atmosphere was livenned up and it laughed brightly, etc. In the association shooting, the black pink members took the revolving mechanism and as in children, enjoyed. The instrument which the members revolve with the style of which 4 Saek taste of 4 people stands out showed the hair gloss blown off and the style of each I was proud of the style of each I as ‘first’. The black pink members whose there is a lot of concern in the beauty expressed the mise en scene perfect serum and on the hello bubble hair-dye “it is using constantly for the usual time” the affection in the set. And “because of being like that, it laughed joyfully with the members and made a noise and could shoot without the burden” the impression were conveyed. YouTube and Instagram is gone through on October 8th and the image who the black pink and mise en scene has together is revealed. In the meantime, ‘like the last’ music video set the new record breaking through 400 million views in K pop girl group idea shortest period of time and ‘the general trend girl group’ popularity was proved.
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