The bulletproof Boy Scouts ‘the Korean diffusion contribution’ Order of cultural merits and first all-time youngest with the idol


The group bulletproof Boy Scouts emerging as the whole world idol icon gets the Order of cultural merits. The cultural circle person prize winner of the individual or group is the all-time youngest when being the first with the idol. It decided according to Blue House through this day Cabinet council on 8th to grant the Medal of honor to the bulletproof Boy Scouts. Kim spokesman of the Blue House revealed “it decided to grant the corolla Order of cultural merits to the bulletproof Boy Scouts (7 people) with the cold current diffuse light luminaire popular culture art development meritoriousness”. The popularity of the bulletproof Boy Scouts is the result according to the world determination that it spreads and the foreign numerous youth is calling the housekeeping comprised of Korean into the group and together it is contributing to the Korean spread. The Order of cultural merits is the medal which renders distinguished services to the cultural art development and grants to the man who it is public, is clear contributing to the development of state. As to the bulletproof Boy Scouts, korean singer holds the exclusive concert in the New York in USA city field stadium primally at last sixth. K pop heat is hotly heated such as rising and to the address at UN Convention and Billboard chart top, etc.
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