The Chongmin Kim ♥ yellow rice, which ‘the taste of the love’ PD reveals truly, the mind?


Only the yellow rice which Kim kind showing the Simsangchian pink air current from ‘the taste of the love’ first broadcasting proposes 2 people gathers the interest hot of the viewers with the appearance which visits the actual and virtual often as he does it several times and there is. The foreign country Yong PD “if 2 people installed till the marriage and it appeared in the taste ‘ of ‘ wife, it will be good” producing ‘the taste of the love’ told the wish. PD for foreign country shot and the sincerity was seen in the Chongmin Kim Ssi eyes. The viewers saw the broadcasting and it rooted much because it will be good if ‘only Chongmi’ (only the yellow rice which Kim kind proposes) couple was well coupled and it was relieved by ‘the mutual understanding showing the sincerity went well’ and the satisfactory looks was displayed. The perfect match breathing of was made a boast from Chongmin Kim whom it meets through ‘the taste of the love’ blind date for the first time and the first meetings gotten through the yellow rice. It made to smile the satisfied miso with figure which the charm getting through the yellow rice overflows. Kim bell Min revealed figure which was manly and where there is the leadership. As to pD for foreign country, if sand and stone meet, ” Chongmin Kim Ssi is the man who is serious than the idea. In the mean time, there was the appeal ‘the look man’ Dap, it explained. However, as to ‘it doesn’t for broadcasting’, Chongmin Kim, as to the look of the doubt is ‘the taste of the love’ at the corner. As to He, ” I worried about this point. It worried if it was the man trying the meeting which is abundant in the broadcasting so far and for broadcasting didn’t come to ‘the taste of the love’. However, if its own ideal type was met, the idea that it is one to put the look really with Kim servant popular will was done. The Mat child seemed to fall well and it was happy, the Mat told. The blind date what type of standard was match matched as gotten through Chongmin Kim and yellow rice? As to the producer for foreign country, the taste ‘ is the program in which the male stars fall in love between my ideal type and 100 days. There were not a lot of the people who the explanation about the program went out to the first starting part and who recognize this fact and Chongmin Kim explained to be the condition where it decides on its own ideal type and date. In ‘the taste of the love’, Kim kind Min made a phone call to Hwangmina from the first meetings and ‘the going straight south’ fascination was shown off, saying that it was “our, on and after today 1 day” this. He realized and to it went out of the yellow rice, like the flower. The sense preparing the bouquet with the restaurant where the flower is luxuriously decorated in secret was exhibited. As to pD for foreign country, his coming out of “chongmin Kim listens to the word of the partner and shows frequently the soft looks in which there is a lot of the consideration” “this man cannot help being rightly loved with the woman” the broadcasting attitude could be said to be the truth. Positively the yellow rice, also, the interest about Kim kind Min was expressed. The flower suited Chongmin Kim of was made a boast to the passing children and the wish of “the friends are introduced” “when leaving the office, it comes to bring” back was spoken as “the girlfriend is right” to the done looks and Chongmin Kim and its own mind was not hidden. However, roll the eye line about which it doesn’t multiply the yellow rice. It is one to is trying to raise this awareness with the opportunity. ” yellow rice or family donated PD after the long consideration. One that there was the comment to be like that in order to raise the recognition and the easy to the program in which it expresses the reality, especially, the feeling called love truly appear movie decision was not wanted to be told and it emphasized. After that, all Bahyeot “the yellow rice or family was the weather caster but because the celebrity was not, it discussed with the parents and my consideration was quite long” “however, the man that it is Kim bell Min shows he had the good feeling and the appearance got to be determined” the appearance on the stage meter As much as the love of which 2 people are more real is done, on ‘this professional games real approval virtual approval’ ‘the taste of the love’ viewers is feeling confused. PD for foreign country explained “it looked like ‘ heart signal ‘ to be the real meeting. The intentional matching of the production crew was alike to ‘ We Got Marrieed ‘” when this being stained “it is the real like ‘ heart signal ‘ if it is the virtual which ‘ We Got Marrieed ‘ is the same”. After that, only He started the curiosity whether any kind of look and word on was decided if the male entertainers installed the love ‘ truly. Their real forms and feeling wanted to be expressed and the planning intention was revealed. It discusses and with the production crew that people would like to have ” date course, meal cost, and event altogether truly and it is proceeding. It is the men participating as the will that it will experience the truly poor love. It wanted to emphasize once again and added to be the real. The performers observing the appearance of Chongmin Kim and yellow rice at the studio previously saw the reality couple success possibility of “this couple may not go truly to the end” 2 people highly. As to pD for foreign country, how did you see the success possibility of this couple? He, as to the en have each other many good feelings. Because of that, the love which will show the sincerity carefully and which each time I draw will be done, the marriage of “***” all loves will be always regarded as the half-and-half but if this en got married as the producer and it appeared in ‘the taste of the wife’, it will be good, the wish was conveyed.
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