The cinema which is able to make a noise and the dance can be cold?


“as to the Pusan International Film Festival, can you enjoy in the movie ceremony per?” It was in the movie of the palace from the film festival opening, the most of places was very all experienced. As such is the case, it felt except one watching the movie because the interesting thing enjoying the film festival was insufficient. “is there more no what?”The guide map was spread on the thought. The corner unfamiliar called ‘the community beef’ was in that place. The place the Jungangdong near Nampo-dong The idea that it has to go got here unintentionally. ◆ it becomes if the triangle zone is visited. Jungangdong is the neighborhood where there is among the Busan station and Nampo-dong. The place where it is famous for 40 Gyedan The blood is the reunion place of the families who the middle is separated with the Korean war at that time. Then 40 Gyedan are the historical place, that is the desperate life of the refugees in the field. This place was and the village of the artists that artists in Busan are actively active. These drawing 40 Gyedan near landscape were seen in the way everywhere. The music made the mind with the quite old audio in the antique shop comfortably was heard. Just Paris’s Montmartre came into mind. The place where the Pusan International Film Festival event progresses in Jungangdong was three ‘busan experience of film museum’ ‘the unisexuality 1918’ ‘the corner theater’. As to this years old place, there is with the triangular. Donggil Kim deputy chairperson of ‘the corner theater’ explained “the film festival event proceeds in this triangle John” “it would better visit for Busan experience of film museum, unisexuality 1918, and corner theater order”. This years old place to was gone successively, the film locations including the picture-taking place of the movie ‘coordination’, Chinese restaurant, appeared in ‘new world’ and etc. could be discovered. ◆ ‘the community beef’ any kind of event? Jungangdong was indefinitely visited but the feeling didn’t come whether any kind of events progressed in this place. Hyeonsoo Kim representative “if when the program which talks while it dances and sings and eats and drinks and the enjoyed movie watching, movie which stays up the night regardless of and which it sees, and director and audience guesses the movie as the sensation of warmth and various communities select the movie which I would like to see, there are the program, and etc. which it turns on in the film festival” of ‘the corner theater’ the explanationIt did. The forum in which the movie activists of the whole country got together in one place and which it has mutual understanding opened. In already over on 6th 40 Gyedan square, the bout party said get wider. The men like ” movie got together and the representative Kim enjoyed fully. It progressed in the atmosphere which was unique and pleasant as much as the feeling in which just there is in Europe got and told. Because of being in the movie of the palace and all Nochyeot, as to one was really this good event sad. Because of starting this year for the first time, there was the blame in which PR is insufficient but because the man recalled Haeundae mostly now if it had the Pusan International Film Festival, the idea called result that it appears got. ” this year can be freely passed and the representative Kim can see to be the showcase concept. It thought maybe that the homepage and cloud system, and etc. was prepared and it more could more systematically do, if the autonomy was more formed next year it told. ◆ “as to situ, surely must go” Busan experience of film museum part mountain experience of film museum, indeed, the Sinsegyeyeoda This place arose in Busan anytime but there were all ones of the movie as much as it wanted. The dubbing, chroma key, hand printing, editing, composition, soundtrack impression, smoke experience, and etc. could be altogether experienced directly. The men of the unit of (the) family visited much mainly and there was a lot of the experience facility which there was no to people of all ages and both sexes install, everyone can enjoy. Experienced all ones are altogether saved and the next child can go to USB. The feeling receiving a gift of one in which just I made and which takes part volume of movie was likely to get. The reporter experienced the dubbing, hand printing, chroma key, and etc. and it covered so far and tried directly, it was different. There was the fun in which the used equipments are displayed in the movie including the camera, silent image device, gramophone, typewriter, lighting, and etc. many years ago. Because one including the movie term, a kind of the camera shot, Korean movie history, and etc. was well and explained, being useful with the interest the idea that it is the place catching 2 rabbits up to all got. In this way, there was the place and it paid to the representative of museum side at the idea called ‘why it knew now. But’. After that, the people concerned revealed “it opened on July 4th of last year”. It was the place which is unfamiliar to Busan resident yet but the idea in which it wanted to be famous got in the future. The Jungangdong and Nampo-dong is the place which it can see even to be the initial point of Busan movie history. Additionally, it can see even to will be the important place drawing one stroke. 23. As much as the Pusan International Film Festival puts up the slogan that it is ‘the first year of the normalization’ from this year, it is the support which is abundant in the Jungangdong and Nampo-dong and wind in which it wanted to put forth strength.
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