The dark room and romance met. The article talents drama ‘the Dae jang geum is seeing’


It attends MBC new article talents drama ‘the Dae jang geum is seeing’ production presentation in which this Min hyuk of group B2B, actor Kim Hyun-jun, direction five tastes Jjeum, Seonhye gloss, actor line 2 the negative principle in nature, Donguk Shin, and glass of Girls’ Generation in the girl group are the Seoul Mapo in the afternoon on 8th and which is held in Sung cancer Ro MBC golden mouse hole and is striking a pose. ‘the Dae jang geum is seeing’ which Donguk Shin, Yoori Kwon, and line 2 sound back appears is the pleasure to only eat. It is broadcasted to the article talents drama which it draws the story of 3 brother and sisters who live in order to eat on the coming eleventh.
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