The hot shot and debut, in the fourth anniversary, the congratulation project inrush…, surprisingly, the present?


‘the click Star Wars’ went into the congratulation project in the fourth anniversary with the group hot shot debut. The play space ‘the click Star Wars’ of the idol fandom held the congratulation event on 5th in the fourth anniversary with the group hot shot debut. It is the large electric board project of which Korea Japan and China fans can take part directly. The display panel is at the major center of Korea and Japan. The celebration message in which the fans fill out directly and which it sends is put on the screen. The plan which the ment of 5 people through the drawing lots will enter the display panelScreen the congratulation video in the display panel in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku Ohkkubo Shin opposite near if much 100% is achieved. If it reaches to Japan and Seoul Subway 2 the line 43 the alteration waiting room display panel and much 500% if much 200% is achieved, the treble bus advertisement proceeds. The hot shot making debut is the group of 6 groups consisting of the Gimtimotteo, Gogh feeling, gloss San, Taehyun Roh, Sungun Ha, and Choi Joon-Hyeok in 2014. It appears in the Mnet ‘the produce 101 season 2’ ending at June last year and the member Sungun Ha and Taehyun Roh taken the eye contact for the public. The hot shot all over the ground play an active part in the broadcast circles including the project group activity and audition program appearance on the stage, and etc. The outcome gets attention if the corresponding project congratulating these debuts in the fourth anniversary can succeed.
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