The star that Cho Jung-suk ♥ spider pledge ceremony… October month gets married?


As to the Sallang part, there are these the wind finishing the autumn which is the side cold and result of the pretty love. The majority stars gave this fall marriage news from the Cho Jung-suk-spider couple turning on the passionate love end painted candles till DJ develops the people girlfriend and 11 year Jjae love DOC this heaven which with ㅇ in 5. The stars conveying the wedding march news at autumn of 2018 were gathered. ◆ all Maeeot the marriage vow the Cho Jung-suk ♥ spider and actor · singer ‘the parrakeet couple’, as to the couple Ro entertainment world representative ‘the parrakeet couple’ actor Cho Jung-suk (38) and mantissa spider (37· one’s real name Geeyeon Park) love passionately in 5 Cho Jung-suk agency JS company and spider agency Ssijeseu entertainment revealed “when Cho Jung-suk and spider had the pledge ceremony with the families recently and It became the couple” on 8th. After that, the aspiration of “the lifetime respected and 2 people considered and swore the happy time to be the sad time together” “it will say greetings in the future by the work and music which is good in the seat of each one” 2 people was delivered. Cho Jung-suk and spider developed the love since back in 2013. And it was known in fact in 2015. ◆ this sky · encounter battle formation and all Ullin the wedding march in the people girlfriend and 10 days Jeju Island in which over group DJ DOC member this sky (47) the period for love raises the love in 10 in 11 the age of 17 is softThis sky wrote on Instagram in last August and ㅇ gave the marriage news. He expressed the affection toward the girlfriend as “the congratulation to me and consolation to the Chinese quince (the girlfriend nickname)”. All Ollin the girlfriend moreover developing the love in ‘insides’ ‘ducking’ ‘the steel ratio’ back majority work as ‘the since tiller’ in 11 with the actor encounter gin (40) it leaves the strong impression in the public and 14 days private wedding ceremony◆ the marriage news of the comedians giving the Sangmu Yoo · Geehoh Kim and cheerful wedding ceremony the large-scale smile to the ocean 10 month and public has the majority. All Ollin 1-year-old swallowing girlfriend who in Yeouido somewhere, the comedian Geehoh Kim (37) which firstly is well known with ‘barbarian’ character cultivates acquaintance on 9th for 2 years and wedding ceremony The singer Sangmin Park going to the field of gag colleague Yoon Hyung-Bin and axis takes care of the society. In the puppy meeting, 2 people finished the relation. The comedian Sangmu Yoo develops the pretty love in the colorectal cancer fighting against a disease middle (38) and composer Yeongee Kim (32) couple which turns on this month painted candles. 2 people, on 28th, all Ollin the private wedding ceremony in the Seoul Yeouido certain hotel Sangmu Yoo Yeongee Kim developed to the sweetheart last year after finishing the relation with the record work in 2014. Sangmu Yoo arouses to be unfortunate as the colorectal cancer 3 determination. These cheers which is abundant in the love pretty of Yeongee Kim has been stand constantly by the side of Sangmu Yoo and He pours.
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