To “the threat is not” the Koo Hara ‘the whole boyfriend’


Inevitably, in this way, the letter is written because of turning off the power of the cell phone. If surely the most OO Ssi which is more famous for ‘koo Hara ex-boyfriend’ saw the eagle, it will be better than my three jas of name. Your counsel had NEWSIS and interview on 5th. Be ‘one which desired one does the reconciliation which Koo Hara and sincerity is young’. Well, the Boat Seup kneader it is impressive Only it was the ago a day condemn the mate impudently and even after threatening with the sexual intercourse movie it is the horse. If there was the corner which is similar to the yesterday, it was about in which it tells the person position through the press company which the way that it contacted Koo Hara directly and tells is not. So, the public gets to persuade the public more. The former boyfriend Choi Ssi it finds But the look of the reflection is the girl that 1% cannot find from you. It is unfortunate. Your ignorance is the word it doesn’t know even though it commits a crime what it is the fault. It was ignorant among old word as the large-scale crime. The criminal sheding the tear of the penance, as to the large-scale tightened miscarry called ignorance doesn’t install at least. You insisted that action which the Chosun-ilbo and interview sends the movie to Koo Hara was not threat. It did to send in order to commemorate the memory of the loved days. Koo Hara did to the meaning that or, it wanted and shot, back it takes send. The cause was caused with the ridiculous excuse and it masturbated that ‘violence’ was not. Is the end that it is the circulation threat known? The dictionary meaning for was searched. You, as to one transmits moving pictures is the circulation threat that day. ‘one which it threatens in order to manipulate in order to make the action which I want the relative’ Unlike the simple threat, the public opinion that it has to see as the sexual harassment because the condition that it circulates is included is dominant. If the image is going around, it has to be handled considering the Jeom that it is the crime which the realizing that life of the woman is destroyed man harmer commits even if the man and woman had the sexual relations together by using the unequal sex grade of rank. Koo Hara was driven into the violence harmer who the initial stage of the incident is one-sided. The well done refutation was unable to be done. The weakness that it is the celebrity and weakness that it is the female were altogether acted. ‘the celebrity life will be finished’ altitude said you to Koo Hara and ‘it will inform altogether to the dispatch’ was excellent. Why Koo Hara wonders whether it had to fall knees. It has a pain in the moment which He had to apologize in spite of being the obvious victim with the heart. However, the greeting that it gives thanks to you’d like to be conveyed from any kind of meaning. Your people which inherently 170,000 people are over unlike the plan, as to you wish to receive the legal punishment from the national petition it will go Koo Hara broke. It expects that start is due to this if the Republic of Korea was more mature with the monolayer. Ssi it finds. It will hope eagerly to reflect bitterly to be purged willingly as much as it will give.
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