With 2 ja · Imwonhui · having disease ash · Park Sunggwang and ‘the phosphorus is cheap’ in ‘assa’


‘the phosphorus is cheap’ This which is Seokk for is stood up with the abbreviation of the inside (Insider) to the excess to be different from the Outsider (Outsider). ‘the popular star’s are designated recently. Who was ‘the phosphorus is cheap’ which is noticeable to the eyes at the broadcast circles? 2 ja Imwonhui having disease in which it enjoys the best price of stock and which is slept and the Park Sunggwang is representative. However, even if it saw in one eye, these were these which are not related with ‘the phosphorus is cheap’ in the past. It is close to ‘assa’ (outsider) to divide obstinately. But is it to join in ‘the phosphorus is cheap’ rank with any kind of meter? Two jas of comedian He is enjoying once again ‘0 ja palmy days’ recently. In spite of returning after broadcasting, He who had to take the long blank as ‘the diet ring on the water’ previously failed to acheive to take the past popularity back. However, the publics interest was attracted and recently, the firm philosophy treated the drawing technique of 2 ja peculiarities which it shows in the variety program ‘it is all right’ and ‘the battery time of interference’ and food was connected by the popularity. Presently, ‘map of popular restaurant’ open gathering the restaurant which ‘brachial plate’ comes to the eaten food and which He goes is appearing about. After the mind of more than 2 ja which is introvert and pure the talking manner which caused misunderstanding and which is impolite and which it is sarcastic of 2 jas is opened in the broadcasting in the past, it is appealed with the appeal. It is the case where the actor Imwonhui becomes ‘the phosphorus is cheap’ in ‘assa’ recently. It was him recognized to the publics about supporting actor. However, the fixing is donated to SBS variety program ‘the not luck our cub’ and the love of the viewer is gotten as the unique appeal. The various kinds of love call is received under ‘blue chip’ paid attention at the advertising industry which the executive is white. His fascination is ‘being bitterly regretful’ which it doesn’t know where For be said to learning, one dining table which is shabby than the general employee, one finishes the day bowl of makgeolli, serious attitude, and etc. which doesn’t match the variety program arouses ‘being bitterly regretful’ and the exquisite smile is presented. The image which the serious looks which every week Imwonhui shows is difficult to find from the casts had been see in the variety program so far The aspects of this Imwonhui is felt so that there can be the authenticity and it advances and the audiences are leaving the charming opinion that it approaches. The comedian Park Sunggwang is one people among the star changing the image to the variety program appearance on the stage. The debut, in 11, the round There was the recognition. However, MBC ‘the battery time of interference’ appearance changed many ones to him who the fond style entertainer was not. The Park Sunggwang is showing the Im eulogy and perfect partnership going into the manager work from ‘the battery time of interference’ now just now. It is the evaluation that the charisma which the looks which it does the lipid of the Park Sunggwang had been see in ‘gag Concert’ or ‘the night goblin’ is not and which it could not see so far and which is frank and which is affectionate stands out. It held the fan meeting after ‘the battery time of interference’ appearance on the stage in 10 years and the fixed routine increased and the Park Sunggwang receives rush of the broadcasting casting. The having disease ash put name in ‘the phosphorus is cheap’ star with yellow this cannot be excluded. If the Talk Concert was opened and it does, it is the hero of the surprising ticket power which the electrocrystallization is sold out in 3 seconds. As this is proved the having disease is slept and the stand up comedy show ‘the joke of B’ is occupying the first place of Interpark ticket ‘the talk and lecture concert’ annual ranking. Besides, on-line reaction is peculiar like the having disease ash in which it drives the popularity to fresh SNS activity and. The having disease was slept recently and YouTube channel subscriber number exceeded 300,000 people. Every kind of site is selling the cellular telephone case emphasizing yellow this, that is the trademark of the having disease ash, to the popular. Especially the purchase rate of 2,030 generations is high. As to someone involved in broadcasting, the contents of ” having disease ash are seeing through the desire which 2,030 generations want in relation with this properly. On failure was without reservation talked and there was no lie and because of being extremely ordinary, it seemed to be more loved and the man speaking about this said. There is the end that it can be said to come, and is beautiful. The stars that it can be said to come and it sees the dash, are loveable to Jakku It is the reason why it would like to root more for these heydaies.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734848.htm, 2018/10/08 14:08:05]