“korean it became the now was done well”


Very. I am not used. Korean is difficult. Coarse one is two days a day. The bird is pronounced that year 1 is past and the year 2 is past and the absurd word selection is the basis. The vocabulary which is more insufficient than 6 years old child is the extra. Who is it story? It is the story of ‘the several stars’ Seottul at Korean because of living in the foreign country for a long time. It lives in Korea and appears on Korea Broadcasting System and is loved to the Korean fan. However, there is no secrets in which Korean will get better absolutely. Although the Korean done the pleasant as Robert Halley mister was not, the done time came to the basic now. Very It became ▷ Park Junhyeong it learned now. The eldest brother Park Junhyeong of the group God It is for 19 years also whether He who was unable to have a command of Korean from the debut properly mixes the Engilsh and Korean into the random behavior and uses or not. It is about of which the word in fashion that it is ‘the Wasseop.man’ will appear. ‘What’ S Up with the Engilsh that it is ‘the Wasseop.man’ and Man? (Is it WATSU work very and what?) it is the horse which reads frivolously as the horse is sounded. It is the fact that there are the lot of the fans finding him before thanks to this constantly with the energy of the Park Junhyeong peculiarity and artistic talent unlike other people bright. But the unreasonably lacking Korean proficiency shouting ‘the Wasseop.man’ still cannot be not serious problem. It is the Park Junhyeong who is the member of the first generation Idol group dominating one age. Figure which tells the excuse that it is clumsy about Korean in the broadcasting and in which He who has to serve as a good model to the juniors shouts ‘the Wasseop.man’ still It is not any more joyful. ▷ He presentation sexy The voice which the singer presentation (the Jessica H.O.· Lake Hyunju) is sexy if the insolent speech stops now and wrapper loved for the bronze skin to the fans Only, when speaking Korean, the case where it feels the difficulty still and mixes with Engilsh and uses can be often seen. Besides, it causes misunderstanding with the talking manner and frequent use of the insolent speech, and etc. sometimes. The presentation debutted as ‘the GetU P (the Get work)’ into the world of singers in 2005. The star in which after was constantly active in the domestic It is the year 13 if it cares with the number of years. The Jeom which Korean didn’t increase is a pity so far. There was due to be the time which is enough as much as the fundamental mistake avoided. ▷ Chunghyun Park and rhythm and blues fairy The singer Chunghyun Park who memorizes the word, is famous for ‘rhythm and blues fairy’ to us The singing ability pointed out as the hand of is made a boast. However, the coarse Korean remains as the sense of frustration. Chunghyun Park was born in Los Angeles as Korean-American. The dream was born against in the singer and it came over to Korea and made debut in 1998 and the album was put out and it was constantly active in Korea. It was the time that it is the year 20 active in the domestic. However, the lacking time rolls showing his Korean ability of driving in the broadcasting. There is due to be often the case where it selects and says the word in which there is a lot of the case where it is unable to remember the simple word and which is improper. Even if the pronunciation is been like that and hit, the Korean ability of Chunghyun Park who is unable to be sturdy than the foreigner star who is over 1 year active in the national cannot help being sad in the eye line of the fans. The Seu wings which ▷ Seu wings and wrappers participate like that all in the Seo tune song recent m.net ‘777 it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ as the producer in Korean ‘the nationality dispute’ which the time is not rose having the intonation of the broadcasting opening part He. It was the reason, that is, as to ‘korean resident abroad Seureop’, the talking manner of the Seu wings was very one. The occasion where the wrappers mix and use the foreign language as the time above average to share the talk which wraps the characteristics of a genre on or is related to the wrap stops. However, it squashes incorrectly till not only abuse of the foreign language and foreign language but also Korean pronunciation and the looks which the Seu wings shows in the broadcasting tells recently. For this reason, the native (?) was doubted. But it graduated in Korea which the swing is worm-eaten till the vinegar Jung the college. The happening which it can laugh away is still not. The image making which feels bitter and is uninteresting cannot be not.
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