The subtitles which the article talents inside is uncomfortable and ‘the rue spirit’ the charming level


It is the subtitles whenever the performer tells. It is not difficult now to search for the screen of the program which it decorates full with the subtitles till the onomatopoeia · mimetic word expressing the idea of the director, movement and situation, and etc. As to the use of subtitles which is various due to MBC ‘limitless Challenge’, that is the first of South Korea real variety program, in the broadcasting programme, it became one fad bringing the audience rating. The subtitles helps the understanding about the program of the viewer. Also, it is in charge of the large-scale role in determining the fun of the program. By being delivered to the unspecified individuals the broadcast language is having the high influence and ripple force. It is the reason why it is reqired to fulfill the sense of responsibility and role as the public language. However, the newly coined word, sweetifsh, abbreviation, and etc. are being indiscreetly used it is continuing. The policy “when the regulation whether one violated or not about the broadcast deliberation will be just examined for the vulgar coined word and program which it will continue the nonstandard language and will repeat and uses for the fun” the center tap monitoring increased the carelessness the upper part the operation was revealed recently and it was concerned about the Korean damage through the broadcasting. The visually accepted subtitles has an effect on the language usage habit of on characteristic audience of the media naturally. The subtitles which visualizes the language which especially is used in the broadcasting and which it expresses cannot help affecting the considerable influence to the viewer. In spite of that it is the reality that it is elevating the abuse premier position as four way first of the ten celestial stems takes care of the attention of the viewers. According to the Korea Communications Standards Commission (under carelessness the upper part) investigation (1 month, 2,016 year), the subtitles is exposed in the popularity real variety program by the box shape in 3 seconds. Especially the considerable can find the subtitles hindering the elegance of broadcasting in the majority variety program. The result that it investigates the broadcast caption reality of usage prior to against three major broadcasting networks midnight variety program KBS2 the carelessness stomach increases ‘the battle trip’, MBC ‘buy alone’, and SBS ‘the burning youth’ which and serious Korean abuse actual state was checked. The communication language and sweetifsh, vulgar expression, including, ungrammatical expression with the expression running counter to language and literature regulation, unnecessary foreign language, was inappropriate or incorrect expression, spacing error, intentional mark mistake, and etc. showed. When considering the effect that it affects to the variety program on characteristic teenagers, this is about which there is no what has to be said even if it is pointed out as the host of the Korean polution. The expression in which the expression and ‘ the Michin taste ‘ the woman’s heart shooting ‘ the sorrow explosion ‘ back expression which the back is vulgar are processed bang in each program increased the carelessness the upper part ‘ㅋㅋㅋ’ ”ㅠㅠ’ ‘ㅇㅈ’ ‘ years of experience ‘ back communication language and sweetifsh and ‘ gamble ‘ money ‘ ice mound ‘ ‘ㅋㅋㅋ’ or which is extreme, runs counter to the back courtesy which ‘ excrement is narrow it is both so fetid expression, and ‘ spirit · rice ‘ tag · whichThe back ungrammatical expression made ‘ Marit nail ‘ Ohm core, foreign language which ‘ conections to the 90’s expression ‘ back is unnecessary, expression which it breaks ‘ inheritance ‘ advanced gin ‘ and the back is inappropriate or is incorrect, and some cities the mark mistake which ‘ rue spirit ‘ back is intentional the spacing error of back and ‘ Heuheuheuheuheuheuk ‘ was good was pointed out it left behind in ‘ localThe attention leans to the use of subtitles hindered the entry of the Chung floor. In the broadcast law fifth group (the public responsibility of the broadcasting) 2 paragraph, it is specifying ‘it has to contribute to the harmonious development of the unity of the people and country and democratic formation of public opinion and the discord between interregional · intergeneration · between classes · sex is fostered and the broadcasting must not be’. However, there is the level feeling the sense of alienation with the indiscriminate subtitles. If why 50 shot male high OO Ssi watches ” these days variety program in the interview, the word which it cannot understand comes out much. How on earth, it will don’t know completely whether it will be any kind of word, the use of newly coined word is frequent, and moreover, those words are written on the subtitles in “***” program. To read this it understands, it is difficult. It shook the feeling ” which the fool seems to come to me I. The mileage jaw Seoul Women’s University department of Korean language and literature professor can inspire the pleasure to the audience if ” entertainment program situation subtitles uses well. The expression which only is seriously vulgar with the position “it is this” that on subtitles which with the object of pleasure it uses for the city there is ‘poetic license’ has to analyze tolerant to the utmost or characteristic of a program and that the use of subtitles will award the pleasure the part of class will cannot understand the program content one which it is careful because of being against the purpose It was desirable and pointed out.
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