Three people of ‘noted calligrapher’ star that Sejong the Great is satisfied


The combined language Korean in which many syllables assemble based on 24 basic alphabets, that is 14 fundamental consonants, 10 cardinal vowels, and which It becomes the word and which It becomes the sentence The language which it is very scientific and is easy to cook at the same time and so the Illiteracy Rate is small Here says be the reason why the Republic of Korea is the lowest in the Illiteracy Rate in the worldwide. The so beautiful language Hangul Here is the reason why it has to use with great care prettily one speaking Korean according to the spelling is important. It is due to be the thanking present which our ancestors hand over. The handwriting of the stars who commemorated the Hangul Proclamation Day gotten 572 Dol and make a boast of the pretty handwriting was gathered in one place. 1 it has the pretty handwriting thinking of Sejong the Great it is satisfied The letter which drops the actor Hyunchung Ko actor high string definition and which it seems to use It has the handwriting hiting against the hot support of the font designers. It has the handwriting getting the grade which is the highestest in the balance and design aspect. 2. At the time when Super Juniors Leetteuk Super Juniors Leetteuk is doing the duty of the national defense in the army, it is the letter which it writes to the fans. 3 it has the shape that maybe it uses the love of the fans more with great care it beats one letter one letter to the full The straight handwriting of the Girls’ Generation seohyeon moral life girl seohyeon All strings the shape that it resembles the character of the seohyeon and the it is neat. Shape are straight and the attention 4. The straightforward handwriting of the actor Woobean Kim actor Woobean Kim All strings the shape that it is quite big and the shape are very long the attention The appearance healthy of Woobean Kim whom it meets after long interval misses. 5. Sukui Gee handwriting which it resembles the rainbow Sukchoo Gee human and it is cute and is cute These eyes which it sees as the various decorations even when writing Sukeun Gee letter in which the hand skill is peculiar is entertained. The all round consonant is the feature of the Jisuk table handwriting.
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