“till the Doge person?it says do” ‘the Jjan in tour’ Narae Park controversy over pro-Japanese activity


The gagwoman Narae Park was seized by the controversy over pro-Japanese activity. While the Korea Japan relationship deteriorated due to the rising sun controversy recently, the trip to Japan and which He leaves from the TvN trip variety program ‘the Jjan in tour’ to plan the trip to Japan in MBC variety program ‘buy alone’ before the Hangeul Proclamation Day one became a problem. Additionally, the controversy over pro-Japanese activity of Narae Park is becoming fierce more since Narae Park is ‘sleep the Do crab’ (the Japanese-style people accompanying the sense of shame) well-known in ‘the Jjan in tour’ osaka chapter to one. Presently, the verbal battle of the netizens is happening in Instagram. One netizen hung the comment that it is “the Hangeul Proclamation Day comes and it is not too hard one” “because it seems that it goes and Japanese says be learned and it is in love with Japan, it is disappointed”. After that, continuously the several netizens likes “praise Japan praise in the broadcast quite” ” Narae Ssi Japan. Why run Japan in this way. Was it Bottom, the study of history doesn’t cavil not T liked Japan in ” broadcasting? The comment which it was the reductions by half, is very related to the back this to the good image had the hundreds. Presently, the complaint is increasing. The audience “do you try this way to from the beginning, change the program title to ‘ Japan tour ‘?” “japan awards the edge no more” ” trip to Japan professional games controls. Is it ” tour of Japan encouragement program when recovering consciousness please? Go no more to ” Japan. The photo diode or performer seemed to don’t have the idea altogether, the voice of the back was made. Previously, ‘the Jjan in tour’ came back from Hocaido, osaka, Fukuoka, and etc. It is becoming a problem to the past action which Narae Park did in this kind of controversy over pro-Japanese activity. The members were guided in ‘the Jjan in tour’ osaka chapter 2 times broadcasted at February last year directly and Narae Park came out on Narae tour. While the ink-stick took a portion of the food, it knew reserved one for the more expensive dinner and Narae Park reserving the lunch course (4,900 yens) of Syulraeng Mi restaurant was frustrated. The employee speaking after Korean came, he told “the lunch time was a little bit late and it mistaked and 4,900 yens fit”. After that, narae Park spoke as “arigattogojaimaseu it is the spirit soil” (thank really) to the staff and supplied the head to the floor. It bowed immediately and the thankfulness was indicated. The viewers are calling this scene into question. Call the action which it surrenders to this position called as ‘sleep the Do crab’ in Japan on the ground and has a seat and supplies the forehead to the floor and lies flat on the ground. It is the Japanese-style custom which it does when apologizing or soliciting. The shame is generally accompanied and the action cut the Do crab to the relative is regarded as the insult. However, the opinion called ‘stubbornness’ is rolled to judge Narae Park as the pro-Japanese. Narae Park doesn’t select, in addition the Japanese study which ‘the Jjan in tour’ travel site did in ‘I can hire alone’ is due to give notice of the basic greetings for the mother. There is the reaction that it is one which it didn’t do because of sleeping the Do crab and also doing not know and being one action if it knew. As to Narae Park, the Ba playing role of the Comfort Women Statue publicity ambassador of Mokpo peace is in 2016. When Japan comfort girl shelters and in last March and 10 million won is contributed for the grandmothers, there is. As much as that, it seems to be a bit difficult to judge as ‘pro-Japanese’ only by going to the trip to Japan from the broadcasting. However, the intelligence which didn’t consider the work atmosphere which He having the popular recognition installs is coming out. It is the sensitive issue which everyone reacts sharply in connection with Japan including the comfort girl, rising sun, and etc. It rose and to the controversy and gossip which many stars are abundant by this problem so far. The stars having the popular recognition have to have the continued interest and the special attention has to be tilted.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734863.htm, 2018/10/09 12:00:02]