The day the husband coming to DJ DOC this sky and bad boy


The bad boy of the world of singers and DJ DOC (this open the member Kim window sky and standing Yong to) this sky (47), on 10th, Jeju Island, in 11, all Maeneun the fruit of the loveAll Ollin the private wedding ceremony the acquaintances this sky attend from today, (10 days) Jeju Island somewhere It combines till the beautiful face which is beautiful as 17 years old swallowings and the wife in this sky becomes a hot issue. Previously, this heaven conveys the marriage news from its own SNS and broadcast, and etc. in last August. At the time of appearing on SBS ‘the burning youth’, He is the man who “the girlfriend would like to get married within this year” ” I can lean and who can lean. There was a lot of the case and accident and it was still at the side. It is DJ DOC and another team and the love is expressed. To boast the love for SNS with the writing that it is “woman and consolation from the congratulation Chinese quince from me waiting for 11”. Meantime, this sky makes debut as DJ DOC in 1994 and the till now active musical activity is kept.
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