‘the happy inheritance of life’ of ‘the waiter change’ actor Korean paper work


After the story of ” I am known, each day which is breathlessly busy with a few days is spent during. There were here and there a lot of the finding people and the fire appeared on the cellular phone. 1 degree has to be done and it cannot answer the phone one by one all. The sense is seen. Neverthless, I am not forgotten and many people cheer up ‘it is encouraged’ and it consoles, the energy appears. Is the waiter living? The many works was tried but in this way, hard one was done not know. The actor days which was illuminated and which it drew attention in spite of being old since it gave up all now and forgot is always the longing. It changes into the hotel restaurant waiter from the age which the screen star Korean paper work (71) dominating 1,970~80 s exceeds 70th birthday and the attention of the people against is and hit once. The purple nameplat used ‘HAHN J H’ and ‘HOTEL DOUBLE A’ is attached on his dressing up in the hotel uniform left breast. It is the initial of his one’s real name ‘the quadlification ring’. It exchanged into the Korean paper thing so far that debut received the attention as the Kyonghui university mass communication study and from as ‘knockout body’ ‘the graduate actor’ at that time and Hansoryong was used as the stage name as the sense that it is ‘korean Soryong Lee’ at first. All Guthin the location with the actor He debutting as the national first motorcycle movie called ‘the wind the cloud’ in 1972 receives the Rookie of the Year award for ‘policeman’ to the person in 78 ‘the time when it will work with Doyung Lee director and Yim Kwon-taek director was the happiest’ are poor at these days in sand and stone to forget the benefactors who bring up me with the large actor as much as the Korean paper work tells frequently. It settled down as the top-class actor after ‘policeman’ as the work of ‘the water beam building’ ‘leaving the Gil ox’ ‘Adada’ etc. and changes into the film producer after ‘the uncle small cymbals uncle’ receiving the best supporting actor award to the person. ◆ it hung from the home video manufacture which especially immersed into the production of film drama in 11 box steps person walnut cake clerk shuttle bus driver etc. 27 kind job prewar days and settles down in 3 year-U.S.A in Vietnam as in 90 new interstitial site. The star E Ro actors including Jindohui, and etc. are discovered and He reigns as the sulphurizing agent of the adult video market with ‘the sexual intercourse check’ ‘the Big-Tit Lady led a loose life’ etc. in 90’s. As to the business success, it became the director who erased the splendid past actor image and is acknowledged as the leading figure of Eros. It could be said to be the inheritance of life, the fall was soon in the peak. While it was poor to be over the IMF crisis and height of the wave in 1998 and the company was staggered, the household affairs including the pile of debts and divorce, and etc. overlapped. The property of 100 hundreds of millions flew away to the several court debates. The recovery of was constantly dreamed even when wandering the whole country with the taxi driver, oiling source, construction site manual labor, and etc. While He took the vacuum for the immediately urgent livelihood for some time, the video for adults market threw away the feature length film style of which the dramatic element is abundant and the sex scene which was naked and simple held the Japan or North America and Europe volume. From the beginning, the video market, that is the source of the life, when since 2000’s in which the environment is reversed in ‘internet ocean’ in which especially the Internet adult broadcasting station appears with the spring up everywhere was the passion from him was at a loss with the ground. The Korean paper work it lost all to lift the people which I hold and which it gives up was abroad blindly ignored. 11, and etc. remained almost at the overseas in U.S.A in Vietnam in 3 for 14 years. 27 jobs including the it cuts cleaning blind, cosmetics salesperson, Beauty black goods salesman, leaker store, haberdashery, and tree work, major supermarket Bakseu Boy, walnut cake clerk, shuttle driver, agriculture and fisheries regional product itinerant vendor, which and etc. was wandered. He determined the domestic settlement with the invitation of the acquaintances after returning to home country due to the 22nd the Pusan International Film Festival ‘the special retrospective to be the divinity’ presence at October last year for a while. ◆ After making debut, the movie star Korean paper work goes most around the Dol the late in 50 with 70~80 s and it is the place where the Korean paper work dedicates the youth and life with the restaurant waiter ‘the chief quadlification ring’ Chungmu. It is the stage catching the lights for the topmost level actor. The Dol the late went around the year 50 and He stood there as the restaurant waiter ‘the chief quadlification ring’. It is the hotel double A skylounge ‘the view terrace’ in which the shooting scene is not in dream misses always. It is one among the numerous jobs which it experiences already but the waiter is the job which is the thankfulness in his without the place to be gone down more situation and is the result. It had to check occasionally and It the case Ne has to become the people the influence of the last hope for the fans more than what. The nice looks wanted to be shown through the celebrity some time. It is shy but the overseas is wandered and that dream and wish cannot be given up. That greed that it hits again against the popularity or interest was not. It was the wish of me reconsidering the memory of the actor that it is the Korean paper work to be quite trivial. The dream and reality is clearly different. I am consoled and it is filled with awe to many people giving the chisel fish eyes child and is embarrassing but I am really happy now. The remaining life is healthily lived life to the full and it repays and repays. There is the valuable assets which the others are unable to hold in the Korean paper thing. It is the loving neighbor service which it has been doing over the year 50 constantly after making debut. Even when of course, the beggar changed into the IMF crisis when living with the movie star, it has never stopped. Even when even doing the part-time in U.S.A and doing all kinds of sufferings, it was continued. It is the moment which is the happiest in the world from him. So it is not ever lonely. It is the part of the service which is suitable for the age if the waiter change knows. It is the reason why the acquaintances know him well send the profuse compliment to this intrinsic castle.
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