‘the Ppokkeoseuttajeu victory’ Hakdo Kim “the valuable result that it gets after 40 electric conduction”


Hakdo Kim held the trophy in the international Ppokkeoseuttajeu Super Series court lady (Porkerstars Live Manila Superseries9) Sikseuhaen deed turbo which is held in the Manila Philippines grandiosely at last eighth. As to winning international competition, in which the world professional poker players take part Hakdo Kim is the beginning with the thing which is innovative as much as it admits globally among the entertainer. As to ppokkeoseuttajeu, the competition the U.S.A and Chinese Philippines part opens every country including Vietnam, and etc. alternatively. It is famous for the big event in which it takes the up to now which is the most abundant by the single game of sports. The global poker site Hong Kong corporation ‘J88’ Geeun Kim representative spoke as “one which as to one, which Hakdo Kim wins the victory in the world tournament in which the pro poker Gary Player compete as for Korean golfer of the cheesecloth rises in the PGA Championship to the top no less case”. “the news of winning a championship of the student brother was listened and one people was directly I among the man who is happy with the someone” needed the Im which it converts to the professional games poker Gary Player from the pro gamer in 2013 “one which there is the restriction in which it has to be active in the overseas which is not domestic yet but the power which is big in the domestic poker player league activation comes to the learning if it joins seriously in the professional player of the brother”The expectation was shown with the congratulation. – Congratulate truly. The victory can say the impression at that time. It was the topic in the field after wining the victory. Yeongkoo Cho negative aerotropism Ssi was most delighted including the singer red Seo tiger brother. Maybe I am unable to forget forever at October 8th in 2018 at half past 1 in the morning. The tear determined the front at the moment when seeing the victory trophy. The wife one mariner of is thought, it pours more. It was the moment of the deep emotion which it cannot do the fertilizer at April 19th in 1993 then which It becomes the ball with no change comedian. – the poker tournament is not much known to the domestic and it is not true to nature and what type of contest is? It is very famous at the overseas. As to the poker tournament, the scale is the biggest for the single contest event in all and the prize money is all sports the best in the world. This Ppokkeoseuttajeu Super Series is the contest the ninth opening this year. I am to win the Sikseuhaen deed turbo (6handed) taken the last day. – the thousands people makes a challenge and it is know according to the hundreds people and size and how is the win for competed? In the Sikseuhaen deed turbo (6handed), the total of 300 people participated. 9 people matches against in the box and this each 6 people Ssik faces off and the first the originally is selected on the basis of. The final winner is determined by the tournament after 6 at a time repeating again. It is the victory or defeat which has to get 299 competitors off from others altogether. – the grade which is good for the main competition was held up all Geodwot. Can the ability for be gained recognition? As to the main competition spread for 8 days, 1,000 people participated. The third day participated and I recorded the 13th. It is the First Magnitude Star with Korean player. In the depth tag turbo, that is another competition of this Super Series 9, the third won a prize. And the numerous foreign players which it participates in the contest for 8 years after wining the last day and meet congratulate truly. The self confidence arose that condition was good and just it can win the victory before this participation in tournament. – why didn’t you give notice so far in attracting attention to the electric conduction itself and know? After challenging the international poker tournament 8 years ago for the first time, it fell into the enormous appeal. But it wanted to be proud of and inform and the misunderstanding about the poker and prejudice is not easy in reality. It had nothing to do with the gambling at all and the awareness was not amicable. The competition opens mainly in the casino. So, although it took a few years, certainly the championship cup was lifted and I wanted to give notice to be the soundness game of sports in which the gambling place is not. – it held because about 40 times participated. Is there the past record of awards received in the previous competition in any chances? It is the contest in which the hundreds people matches against. The granularity in which the professional player who is mostly altogether active as the soldier in active service gets and which is given within the higher rank 10% is not easy. I, as to the total of 5 times won a prize including this victory in tournament. The worth of the sweat which surely won the victory once and which it drops every the granularity so far wanted to be found before. – it is the backbone broadcaster for 25 years to debut as the comedian. It plays and is the broadcasting gone side by side? It is the plan which first of all, registers as the professional player and is actively active. 2. the dream of the Tto box I would like to be realized in the sphere. There was no idea which it reduces or gives up the appearing in TV purposely. However, the contest was arranged and positively the appearing in TV was unable to be done in fact. If it can go side by side, it appears as the side job in which the full-time job is not now occasionally. – it wonders whether it is the popular field in which it doesn’t inform ㅇ before well and the domestic player stratum is about a. As to the domestic poker player, insufficiently It becomes 30 degrees of drunkenness and the player stratum is not yet wide. It tends to be relatively active with the player who the back which it needs the Sinjaeuk Sucho Kim Im, as to the international conference participates. The prize money held that it came about 200 million in case of Jaeuk Shin player who is active as the name that it is Justin last year. It was famous for the player who the J88 Geeun Kim representative whom I will get to contract as the agency soon holds the international conference 3 times career of victory.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734965.htm, 2018/10/10 10:30:32]