The sulfofication the soul and ‘the beauty inside’ first appearance The rating rise in the criticism?


The actor sulfofication the soul appeared in JTBC drama ‘the beauty inside’ (the script Im echo and direction Songhyeonuk) after the broadcaster El J and private life dispute for the first time. It was the short amount which it is not about 5 minutes but the interest of the audiences was concentrated. One in which one risen to the malicious gossip recently has an influence on the drama However, for this interest, the audience rating was connected to the increase soon. The sulfofication the soul appeared as the rival actress Yoori Chae of one world (the seohyeon battle formation) in ‘the beauty inside’ broadcasted at last ninth for the first time. One world ran to the movie company to the news that the movie director Ihuiseop (gimseunguk) producing me casts the other actor in the new work except me. Yoori Chae was in that place. The looks embarrassed by the appearance in unexpected one world was displayed but the looks which within one world kneels down was seen and Yoori Chae revealed ‘the micro of the winner’. Are the viewers in-line community and Portal site to why bring and write always the efforts which there is a lot of the problem on the controversy? Yet, the acting does well to cause the goose pimples just now and isn’t that one? (aliv****) “get the withdrawal in the entertainment world” (alal****) ” beauty inside is not seen now. Because the sulfofication the soul comes out and the immersion is in trouble, ” (soju****) “drop please” (jjon****) ” seohyeon is made, it sees. The channel ㄷ was raised in glume, the critical reaction of ” (leej****) back was shown. As soon as the sulfofication the soul came out, the several audiences said change the channel but the audience rating rose up actually. On 10th, the Nielsen Korea “‘ beauty inside ‘ 4 times audience rating 4.331% (the charged broadcasting tool) was recorded” revealed. 0.852% point was risen more than 3 times audience rating 3.479% recorded at last ninth. As to ‘the beauty inside’, ” sulfofication zero did the special guest appearance with the rival station of the seohyeon gin on 10th. However, the role on characteristic specific gravity is not small. It came out quite and told. In last August, the sulfofication the soul rose to the malicious gossip with the El the objection private life exposure. Previously, Elje asserted as the sulfofication the soul and love relationship and published the picture put together at SNS. 2 people showed the affectionate appearance in the revealed photo as much as it was seen like the sweetheart. However, the sulfofication the soul denied promptly through the agency. After Elje displayed the feel victimized standpoint. It opened the Kakaotalk detail that it has with the sulfofication the soul and class filial duty the soul altogether. After that, the sulfofication the soul invaded ” my house, saying that it was “malicious” this. It threatened after date violence, it revealed. Elje came out on the refutation to “altogether, the fabrication”. It was not to do “da”myeo Haet the altogether vain thought” sulfofication zero and reconciliation but Elje stopped the mudfight due to the detaining of the peripheral people and advice about a week. The sulfofication the soul agency ImaGene was well known and the people concerned revealed against his on the recent condition “as to the present sulfofication the soul Ssi, while immerse into ‘ Beauty inside ‘ shooting” this.
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