When it finds and Namchin 前 and excuse acknowledge… fault no more.


‘the silence has the gold’ is found and it not the urgentest word for the ex-boyfriend. Most Ssi which threatened because of spreading the sexual intercourse movie against the separated girlfriend Koo Hara recently appeared on SBS entertainment information program and the interview with was proceeded. It found ‘the entertainer life is ended’ and why ‘ (koo Hara) made the situation this much but it wanted and confident most Ssi felt victimized at the future. In SBS ‘the genuine style entertainment midnight’ broadcasted at last ninth afternoon, the interview of ex-boyfriend most Ssi of the Koo Hara discussed in the assault incident and sexual intercourse movie circulation threat was on the air recently. This day most Ssi proceeded with the interview with its own attorney. For the face of most Ssi, the mosaic process was. However, one could know the plaster at the face. Most Ssi was feeling victimized still if Koo Hara accused me of the threat. His claim that there was no ‘the threat intention’ He is not one in which I want and which takes the video in the interview originally and the putting man is not I. Only it was keeping, the reason why it sends “***” didn’t have the threat intention at all. Because it had on the separated yard, what was done but it wanted and transmitted and told. Moreover there was no doctor to inform on the video at all. He is to inform already if it had the mind to inform on ” movie. When contacting saying that it will inform to the medium for the first time, it sends to the feeling getting angry by the face hurt. Koo Hara wanted to see it and what wants to be felt, the banner sending the attachment is in “***” giving information site bottom. It devoted strength to be one ” which the inform truly on the video mind installed more early if there was the mind and it told. In this day broadcasting, this interview watching the fighting of most Ssi and Koo Hara in the field altogether proceeded. A Ssi that it is the roommate when being the familiar junior of Koo Hara His word, as to 180 degree was contrary to the position of most Ssi. A Ssi is going on current state ” current hospital of Koo Hara. It was having trouble considerably and the recent condition of Koo Hara was told. In the meantime, it insisted that word which “the end that and then it will inform to the press media because this (most Ssi) will send the photo and video to the sister was taken” most Ssi are insisting was not fact. The record file of the content that it talks over the telephone with most Ssi at that time was opened to the evidence. In the record file, most Ssi is telling by oneself, saying that it is “then, (movie) can be raised now and I can begin the threat” that intention sending the video is the threat. The man who sends the video to the producer to arrange ” relationship theorem lastly, as to was he? It have ‘ I movie to send the movie. All Doemureot the meaning is not you can be carefulThe eye is hidden and the action is Aung of most Ssi now. The anger that hurt arising in the good-looking face endures appeared. The person caused the hurt which it cannot wash to the feeling of Koo Hara. However, it has a pain in my hurt more and the hurt of the relative is most Ssi which is not the steps. That was not, ‘ I didn’t shoot, because his dirty fault covered with the excuse which was cowardly and narrow-minded, the intention was so late. Presently, it is the aspects of most Ssi which admits the fault by oneself and which it reflects truly.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734970.htm, 2018/10/10 11:24:26]