Baek saint eyewitness account “the drunken state along with the operator”


The eyewitness account in which the actor Baek saint was trying to sort out the drunk driving young monk time of the accident scene came out. The sports tendency quoted the end of the witness ㄴ cause on 11th and reported “the Baek saint and operator ㄱ Ssi were fuddled with drink altogether in the liquor” “it was unable to keep properly balance and the eyes had lost focus”. After that, it told “in the case of ㄱ family, the Excel pedal on was being continuously stepped in the situation where the car cannot operate”. Moreover, ㄱ family was trying to sort out the scene of an accident before the police arrived. However, when the police that got the report and is mobilized arrived, then this was discontinued. Baek saint joined the navy Army Training Command in last January and the marine obliged police was serving. And this drunk driving assistance case occurred during the regular staying out period. 1 road along was run at the Munsan-bound freedom on the diverging point and the vehicle which Baek saint boards slid in the first freedom this day at 1 a.m. at 40 minutes and crashed the median strip. The blood alchol concentration of the operator was the numerical value corresponding to suspension of license with 0.08%. The agency Sidus HQ “it thinks regrettably and to arouse criticism with the work which is not good and cause the worry and disappointment to many people it deeply is regretting” of Baek saint revealed the position.
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