Guard the stage in Lee, Yi Hyekyong and husband sad news to the end. Carry the high Ojeonguk a coffin out of the house on 11th.


The singer high (late) Ojeonguk carrying a coffin out of the house who is the husband of the musical actor Lee, Yi Hyekyong progresses in the eye cancer hospital funeral hall in the morning on 11th just now. The truth that Lee, Yi Hyekyong guards the stage in the husband sad news among these to the end is known and it is causing to be unfortunate. Lee, Yi Hyekyong, at last ninth at 3 p.m., the musical ‘5 The sad news of the Carol ‘ (the) beginning of a public performance just before husband was told and held up. However, he finished altogether among the pole of Esther role which Lee, Yi Hyekyong ins charge of considering the specific gravity until this day performance and curtain call. The stage was finished and it sobbed and Lee, Yi Hyekyong standing barely on the leg quivering the stage end was known to install the marginal men pitifully. Instead of, the damage caused hail U.S. and Sonkyong Kim who is together cast to Esther station is planning to play this week show instead of Lee, Yi Hyekyong. Instead, Lee, Yi Hyekyong climbs the stage previously when the damage caused hail U.S. got to pop out for the drunk driving accident of the husband Hwang Min. The high (late) Ojeonguk who is the husband of Lee, Yi Hyekyong died among the pancreatic cancer fighting against a disease at last ninth. 48 years olds of one’s age at death The summer pancreatic cancer last period verdict against had been being hit last year and the dead has been struggling against a disease. The dead stopped at the stage including musical opera, and etc. with the estimation art college vocal music and native. It appeared in the work of ‘reuttereu Be’ ‘Phantom of the Opera’ ’empress Myongsong’ ‘2 city talk’ Joseph Eomeijing ‘ etc. beginning with the musical ‘the hope of the midsummer night’ in 1997 and Lee, Yi Hyekyong engaged the active activity.
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