Seahyang Kim from racing model and hair designer and marriage ‘interest attention’


The interest about the husband of him and He are rising while the marriage news of Seahyang Kim from racing model (36) converting to the florist is known. Hair designer Lee, Yi Beomhoh Ssi and wedding ceremony were celebrated in the Seoul Gangnam-ku somewhere on 6th and presently, Seahyang Kim is taking the honeymoon in Europe. The society and Chungmin Hwang officiated at the wedding and the singer Kim won-jun took care of the congratulation and the actor summit Korean translation of Chinese character blessed the future of 2 people. Seahyang Kim husband Lee Ssi is the famous hair shop director. All Maeeot the result of the couple it developed to the sweetheart 2 people met in the make over program ‘the miracle of Seahyang Kim’ in 2012Lee is taking care of the hair styling of the actor Hwang Jung-min. It was in charge of the hair styling of the majority star including the Dambee Sohn songstress Imjeonghui rare book Park Chungmin Haneul Kang, and etc. besides Chungmin Hwang. Seahyang Kim debutting as the international bike model at motor show appeared on the year male hip-hop duo Nusyeon Gee ‘phone number’ same music video and spurred the entertainment world activity in 2004. He played an active part in ‘the section TV entertainment communication’ ‘the guy of Seahyang Kim’ etc. variety program and ‘style’ ‘it is all the week’ ‘buddyBuddy’ etc. drama. Presently, it is active as the florist.
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