‘the damage from rape confession’ Yaewon Yang “22 year old and I of 23 time are pitiful”


Ttyubeo Yoo Yaewon Yang (24) confessing the damage from rape truth complained of the damage with the tear. It attended the photographer ring recruiter most Mao Ssi (45) second trial date which the restriction is charged with the charge including forced indecent act, which is held by the district court in the west Seoul criminal 4 single this organization inquiry of a judge and etc. p.m. 4 on 10th and Yaewon Yang engaged in the victim witness examination. In this day trial, it testified the Yaewon Yang “it was forced into Geewonhaetgeeman and exposure photographing of the premier position which the pubic region is revealed from the first day in the fitting model part time work in order to find the school expenses and cost of living of 5 million won on July, 2015”. Defendant most Ssi participated the photography meeting most which no. 16 proceeds altogether according to the speech. And it was in charge of the role that Yaewon Yang brings the mouth the outfit as the secondary of the apical cap studio chief officer. The Yaewon Yang “most Ssi didn’t take part in the shooting when the exposure level was not high. However, if the exposure level rose, the black digital camera was held up and the exposure took a picture directly” looked back “after having the digital camera in one Ppyeom from the pubic region till one half and putting, most Ssi shot”. It insisted and, “the wages ask to+have to be received advanced and it has requested to Chung Siljang in order to raise the school expenses” “by when using the fact that it takes a picture of my economic condition and exposure photo, Chung Siljang demanded the more intensive exposure photographing from the then”. The license of Yaewon Yang Yaewon Yang gives the message of the detail it sends to Chung Siljang called ‘thank if the measure crab takes care with the outflow not well’, and etc. most Ssi has never used the digital camera Yaewon Yang requests to Chung Siljang in advance the shooting schedule asks to be caught up to Yaewon Yang the most Ssi counsel accepts more after the forced indecent act to the shooting with 5 timesIt refuted to Eon. With respect to this, it told “it was ‘ photo outflow ‘ that I am the most afraid”. Yaewon Yang pleaded in the last statement “22 year old and I of 23 time which could not help being under the control are so pitiful if the now is thought. That I wishes to be understood” after finishing this day victim witness examination. After that, how it buys “the word that it is ‘ prostitute ‘ murderer ‘ flower snake is heard from the now the whole nation coming to 25 year old and it is living day by day” everyday, whether it worries if how it dies The tear Heullyeot everyone it would like to live ordinarily stillYaewon Yang attorney person was felt like the mountain of which the money that it is 5 million won is big to the victim of 22 years olds of at the time in which “why the society didn’t complain still to the sexual harassment victims. Why the Min · penally didn’t manage and it is forcing to the victim Dap” ” school expenses and cost of living was urgently needed, the lawyer looks. It made a request the clitoris “. Meantime, this organization judge examining the non-disclosure witness examination after this day Yaewon Yang against another victim A Ssi unscrews on the coming 24th 3 times fixed day for public trial and the witness examination about 2 photographers which most Ssi applies is conducted. The chapter 115 took a picture of Yaewon Yang exposure photo and most Ssi passed over and leaks the photo to the acquaintances at June last year. It was handed over to the trial to the charge, and etc. which rummaged Yaewon Yang underwear at August 2016th and which it sexually harass last July 2015 on 10th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735056.htm, 2018/10/11 09:45:19]