The extreme decision of the house call battle formation and interview The thickening doubt


The extreme decision of the house call battle formation (junchoo Jeon) and press and interview He rising to the malicious gossip with all kinds of suspicions of swindle from Nancy Lang and marriage announcement has the shape also inspire the belief this time. The situation where the doubt is thickening more as He does if He tells The truth is more and more become far. The acquaintance making the house call revealed in the edaily and interview “the house call gin and with no change that it didn’t come out for a long time and opened, after it moved together toward the one’s home after eating and going to the restroom (the house call battle formation) loses the consciousness lay down” for the first time. However, it said in the interview after Star news “the dawn and I were cleaning on 11th. The house call gin was gone to the restroom saying that there was thought one. ” “because of being Na Oh, it goes home and the house call battle formation, as to I sleep so not in the restroom. With the door is opened and seen, hanging on the bandage it falls down”. It did and in the news culture and interview “it dropped in the house on the house call battle formation to clean at dawn” “the house call gin which is added in the restroom because there was thought one didn’t come out and it opened, it discovered that it falls down in the future while He hung the neck”. The edaily interview contents and did most the most for the first time Star news and news culture which and one interview contents is different if the interview of the acquaintance is examined. At first, it said move together toward the one’s home. It spoke as ‘it was cleaning at dawn’ ‘the house on the house call battle formation was robbed to clean at dawn’ after interview. It is not consistent from the interview contents of the acquaintance and the doubt is incurred and there is. Additionally, the house call battle formation revealed the picture taken to hospital through the press. As to some netizens, on this situation “the trust doesn’t go” “it is not show to do in order to kill with the bandage” is doubting the back. After getting out and, one house call battle formation reproached immediately the interview with media Nancy Lang go through the divorce procedure strongly. He said in the Star news and interview “it was blinded by the word of the peripheral people and the wife sheltered downright from me” “I was downright betrayed and it cooperated with deceiving these and the wife bought in a lump the husband who is one to the swindler”. The house call battle formation revealed through the interview “while the money invested for the art business activation of Nancy Lang had got a problem, it originated”. The house call jeans had to pay the interest of 6 million won to be gotten the loan of 400 million won through the real estate comprised of Nancy Lang name for the investment. However, it insisted that Mr.A soliciting for the investment didn’t fulfill the appointment and the house call jeans was in the hard situation. And the house call battle formation was known to accuse Mr.A to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency of the suspicion of swindle. He causing the dispute by every kind of suspicion of swindle and lie congestion, and etc. with the marriage announcement simultaneously makes the trouble this time. Nevertheless, it sold until the consciousness, it would loosen in the word as “***” misunderstanding and the alienation and ‘it has to divorce’ continuing in ” (nancy Lang) around will must go and that was refused and He told. After that, it told “it will be the length which it moves obviously toward the mire and how the husband will pretend to don’t know that” “in order to keep the relation which the heaven finishes to the end, the best was run out but the mind left already”. Previously, the house call battle formation was indicted without detention for the speciality damage charge among Nancy Lang and quarrel between husband and wife and was sent to the recommendation for indictment in the prosecution. It is the charge which uses violence against to the midnight such as breaking the stuff in Yongsan-Gu, Seoul of the one’s home, etc on the 20th of last month. However, it was known that there was no physical violence against Nancy Lang. The legal couple came to Nancy Lang and house call jeans at December 27th in 2017. And presently, the divorce procedure is gone through.
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