The gagwoman this resin, on December 8th, the marriage “it ran out of stock, it informs”


December 8th which the gagwoman this revenue and expenditure comes gets married. All Bahyeot the marriage news this resin is through its own Instagram on 10th ” that this resin ran out of stock, He gives notice. It is all right, it is Sugee Lee. The love pair and writing was uploaded the lifetime was trying to be together tried. After that, it would like to be blessed to the little more many people and is trying to report through the radio. It added to be appreciated. This revenue and expenditure did the marriage announcement in the KBS2 FM ‘the song square of this resin’ progressing to this day live broadcasting directly. The He “this resin wanted to introduce to the song square family everyone first of all” told. He selecting ‘proposal of marriage’ of the rumble fish with the radio first song could speak in ” my mouth to the families and it was tense. It is sorry “it is this” to the acquaintance listening through the radio be much surprised. One contact will be given and it told. As to this resin, many people don’t believe. I seem to offer the hope to everyone. Everyone could install, It didn’t become “***” return and A/S and it thanked still and the interesting marriage impression was revealed. The thing which this resin would like to receive celebration happened to the people supporting me always with 1 month ” this year. The people boyfriend and passionate love fact is opened directly, saying that it developed to the sweetheart with the person staying the familiar friend recently. This resin debutting as KBS 27 0 comedian Chae in 2012 chopped the eye contact with ‘gag Concert’ corner ‘the senior senior’. In after 2,014 KBS entertainment grand prize, the comedy section Rookie of the Year award was gotten. He who extends the scope to the radio, drama, and movie and is engaging the working is carrying out the close friend high balustrade Ju role of the eulogy Ha gloss in MBN TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the pleasure of the devilishness’.
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