The growth phase ‘pager’ of IU and every kind sound source ‘all kill’


Unawares, the commemoration new musical composition ‘pager’ swept every kind sound source rank in the 10th anniversary with the debut of the singer IU developed into the singer song writer. As to iU ‘pager’, 8 music sites including standard Naver-music Melon monkey 3 bucks sound sea orle music genie, and etc. recorded the first place of real-time sound source rank a.m. 11 on 11th. The tune was revealed to each music site the day before at 6 p.m. The pager ‘ is the alternative R&B genre song in which IU makes a challenge refreshingly with the digital single who commemorates the debut in the 10th anniversary of IU and is announced. All strings the attention the power as the sound source strong man is severely shown through the first new albums after the remake album ‘two bloom space between folds’ brought out at September last year it is feed back in the White heat yearsThe tune releases the fascination in which the acoustic which is unique and modern and coy tone color of IU are in harmony and which it is the freedom wild. The composer heterogeneous Korean translation of Chinese character which composed ‘to the name’ ‘palette’ ‘the love, well’ back and has been fitting IU and breathing from IU debut song ‘missing child’ constantly wrote a song. IU coated the tune with its own sensibility and idea by the producer and lyricist. In 23′ ‘ palette ‘ List of Lights tune, it is IU putting sth in sth and come the consideration and growth phase completely. In this tune, the message of the warning thrown to the men coming over the line from the relationship ignorantly was put. The light Scanner is scanner/which it is the It’sme I, it is different, there is no, how many Jeom the something searches for my gossip/in the/these days today? If the Jealous Jealous’ ‘Yellow C A R D/is over the level, until be frozen, the unit of measure of that place you I am known and does the attack get the Beep/manners if the It’smamama Mine/Please Keep Thelalala Line’ ‘ is to here comfortable? The Eo? Is it wrong that I Don’t Believe It/A doesn’t know yet? Am I and bad? The Eo? The housekeeping which I Don ‘t believe it’ etc. is unhindered inspires the impression. IU meeting the music fan by the new song proceeds with the Asia tour as the name that it is until December ‘2,018 IU in the 10th anniversary the tour concert- this now’ which it comes from the end of this month. Find the domestic major 3 city, Hong kong Singapore Bangkok Ttaibei, including, audience including Busan Kwangju Seoul, and etc. before.
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