The Monstar X Min hyuk and birthday support open…’It succeeds after Juheon.


The play space ‘the click Star Wars’ of ‘it is appreciated in Min hyuk and Ttaeeonajwo’ idol fandom held the birthday event of the group Monstar X Min hyuk on 5th. It is the display panel support in which the image congratulating the birthday of Min hyuk is screened at Korea and Japan. The display panel is at the major center of Korea and Japan. Add the meaning with the plan in which the celebration message which the fans fill out directly will be put on the screen. The project success is determined by the sort (the point which can be gathered in the site) achievement rate. Screen the congratulation video in the display panel in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku Ohkkubo Shin opposite near if 100,000 muches is achieved. If 200,000 muches is achieved, if it rises per B, the treble bus advertisement with is proceeded. Another gift which advances and which ‘the click Star Wars’ prepares is waiting for Min hyuk. The outcome gets attention if it can succeed for the remained event period. Meantime, the birthday support of the member Juheon is opened on the 7th of last month and ‘the click Star Wars’ achieves 100%. All Moat the interest the picture congratulating the birthday of the Juheon is screened in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku Ohkkubo Shin opposite display panel from October 2nd to October 8th
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