The suicidal attempt made Nancy Lang husband house call and cell Carle among this Wa?


After the house call gin (the one’s real name Junchoo Jeon) who is the husband of Pop artist Nancy Lang quarreled with one’s husband, the extreme choice was made. However, it was the doubtful response, as to ‘the netizen crime squad’, He reported 10 days edailies that it got the report of the acquaintance making the house call and He attempted the suicide. With tiing the bandage on the neck in the dawn Yongsan-Gu one’s home bathroom on 10th the house call battle formation was discovered in the state where it loses the consciousness according to the sidewalk by the acquaintance. It was evacuated to the nearby hospital after 119 emergency region and after giving first-aid, the afternoon on the day was known to leave. ” house call gin and with no change that it didn’t come out for a long time and opened, after it moved together toward the one’s home after eating and going to the restroom (the house call battle formation) loses the consciousness the acquaintance of the house call gin lay down in the edaily. It was much mentally in agony such as complaining of the melancholia recently and, etc it told. The time of the accident wife Nancy Lang was known to be no in the field. The house call battle formation proceeded with the interview with the press media directly after Jasalsidoha. He explained “the wife Nancy Lang and relationship ended” this reason in this day news incubation and interview that mind of Nancy Lang was due to leave. The house call jeans is unable to protect “nancy Lang employed the attorney for the divorce” ” you and feels sorry. The country wished not to get into difficulty any more, it added the speaking due to the man. However, the netizen is revealing the view that it will be unable to believe in relation with the attempt of committing suicide of the house call battle formation. One that this case has a lot of the suspicious part because of being him who front and back bought the suspicion by the ends which aren’t right even before marrying Nancy Lang The id Nami*** hinted at “the acquaintance takes a picture just now and it opens to the press and these days is the man attempting the suicide so” the apprehensions and Ysez*** was “when the variety is done” and it condemned the action of the house call battle formation. The Jjgy*** ” show The lyrics was quoted and it was sarcastic and ridiculed, saying that it was endless, that his action was the falsehood. There was the netizen comparing with Shin Jung-hwan case incurring 0 minutes with ‘the dengue fever fabrication’ in the past. The id Yoonm*** left the comment “it made so that Shin Jung-hwan electrocardiogram performance photograph could come to mind and it had a seat” and got many these ‘it is goods’s. Previously, the house call battle formation is indicted without detention for the speciality damage charge among Nancy Lang and quarrel between husband and wife and is sent to the recommendation for indictment in the prosecution. He is undergoing the charge using violence against by the midnight on the 20th of last month such as breaking the door in Yongsan-Gu, Seoul of the one’s home with the goods of the form of the blunt weapon, etc. At that time, the former Ssi was known that it was in the condition that doesn’t drink and there was no physical violence against Nancy Lang among quarrel between husband and wife. The marriage registration was brought at December last year on 27th and the legal couple came to Nancy Lang and house call gin. However, the preparation injury the court debate the divorce suit is foretold at last 10th.
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