Appear in the Koo Hara · most Ssi case and girls high school question of examination. …’The netizen criticism overcrowding ‘


The girls high school A which it is located in Jung-gu it follows 12 days international newses there is adverse criticism the question caricaturing this is based in the girls’ high school question there is it attracts the interest of the men every day KARA from actor Koo Hara discloses the fact that it suffered ‘the sexual intercourse movie threat’ from the ex-boyfriend most Mao 3 grade midterms completely. It reported to until were frozen, quote the conversation of the Koo Hara and most Ssi as the question of examination and be taken. The strong will zero who is the member in group like Koo Hara, as to one member in the girl group fought with the boyfriend according to the news in the problem fingerprint. ‘the popcorn horn’ (the thing which is get excited as it watches the movie) tells. The relevant fingerprint makes last month to upload the day when the assault incident of Koo Hara and ex-boyfriend occurs and image in which the strong will the soul bounces the popcorn against its own Instagram story and remind to the dispute be between the netizens. After that, “‘ popcorn each ‘ that it finds is including the negative meaning. It responds to use that word. After that, don’t but understand most Ssi “I install and it agrees to the word” why as to I, this man was assaulted by the girlfriend. It added as the really poor man. The students pointed out that school caricatured the Koo Hara · most Ssi case. This spread out online and the ring on the water rose. Furthermore, while the fact that it threatens because most Ssi will spread the sexual intercourse movie against Koo Hara is known far later and the critical public opinion toward most Ssi is expanded, the opinion that the content of the fingerprint that it seems to stand by most Ssi is unable to be appropriate is presently dominant. The netizens criticized that “koo Hara and last tiger case was concluded as the violence one-sided of Koo Hara who the both parties violence is not. Furthermore this case getting complicated was despised till the revenge pornography crime (the photo or visual content, that is the result which it circulates it takes revenge on the separated sweetheart,)” the school did harm to the second in Koo Hara. . One that the school in which it presents the question of examination it quotes the part attracting attention more Koo Hara and most Ssi case caused the controversy due to the sexual harassment problem recently The teacher is to the student the sexual harassment and place which it disclosed ‘the school Mi two’ (the Me Too and I had done) saying that it sexually harass. Meantime, hair designer most Ssi who is the former boyfriend on the 27th of last month that it finds the group KARA native actor was accused of the suspicion including the sexual harassment, threat, and etc. The counsel of Koo Hara insisted ‘most Ssi threatened Koo Hara with the sexual intercourse movie’. Opponent most Ssi asserts as ‘it is one movie that Koo Hara takes and the video is transmitted from the relationship theorem dimension’ and is the tight opinion gap the steps.
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