Geehyun Jeon and Jamae Hong new work appearance on the stage? The agency “among many work reviews” (formal)


The actor revealed on report “many works are seen” that the actor Geehyun Jeon appears on the author Jamae Hong new work. The agency culture warehouse people concerned explained to be on 12th, “geehyun Jeon is deciding on the next year for the return goal and the various works are being seen” “the situation where the current movie and drama is keeping all open”. After that, the people concerned added “when there is no yet to anything be confirmed and the possibility is higher and is low, there is no”. The sports Chosun reported this day in the morning that Geehyun Jeon set Jamae Hong new work heroine appearance on the stage organized in the first half of next year TvN in concrete. If Geehyun Jeon selects the new work of Jamae Hong, it is TV return after SBS ‘the legend of the blue sea’ broadcasted in 2016 in 2 years. It is altogether the work of ‘you breaking out at the star’ ‘the legend of the blue sea’ back Geehyun Jeon appearing previously a box-office success and the interest is concentrated in this return. The sister the writer red feeling which the name is known with Jamae Hong · red yeast rice wrote ‘the organic’ ‘the sun of the master group’ ‘the best love’ ‘my girlfriend the old fox’ ‘you Are Beautiful’ ‘the couple of the circularity’ etc.
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