‘my age is how’ Seonggeun Oh and sound source proceeds dispute ‘100 million won’ court adjustment


The sound source proceeds dispute which surrounded the popular song ‘my age is how’ and gets wider was finished as the agreement adjustment of the court. Seoul High Court civil affairs 32 part paid the decision of adjustment by the condition that the singer Seonggeun Oh (66 and cross action defendant) singing this song does 100 million won the payment (until November 30th in 2018, 50 million won, until January 31st in 2019, 50 million won) to the lyricist and producer Muboo Park Ssi (the stage name Bagung and cross action manuscript) on 11th. Seonggeun Oh applied for the lawsuit in which it demands the exclusive contract ity suit and sound source profit information opening against the composer Mr. Park last March 2016. With respect to this, Mr. Park lodged the penalty because of the breach of contract and claim for damage cross action. The Seoul western district court Saje Min 11 part (the presiding judge Sinheon judge Seok Yuhye main part) judged last year on November 13th, “the original suit demand of the manuscript (the cross action defendant Seonggeun Oh) dismisses since having no reason. The cross action demand of the defendant (the cross action manuscript mist part) has the reason” “the article gives 830 million won to the defendant”. With respect to this, it appealed and the tedious court debate was again continued. With drawing the results of first trial that Seonggeun Oh loses a lawsuit it adjusted the amount of money than any more dispute and the either side accepts and the finishing touches came to the result. After the content (the sound source the manufacturer receives from the Recording Industry Association of Korea rental fee of 100.005 million Yeo 10,000 won which) that there is no in the contract was additionally demanded originally and the conflict appeared and Seonggeun Oh exchanged the between both parties situation for the certification of contents, it developed after all into the legal dispute. (‘my age is how’ sound source profit injustice lawsuit drawn 8 month 31 date report = [Exclusive] singer five Buddhist doctrine in 2016) the party the thing which the singer and conflict appears after it makes and makes a hit the record and so that so that the producer can be difficult why the lyricist and producer mist underbrush clear one feels victimized in the call on 12th even when even when being “the backbiting doesn’t want to be obstinately done in the already concluded yard”. The case where it does was dirty. If it was the start which left the amount of the money for this lawsuit and regulation result and which it catches the afterward the unjust practice in the world of singers directly, it will be good, it told.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735146.htm, 2018/10/12 10:36:51]