Nancy Lang and house call battle formation and divorce declaration “the now the end”


Pop artist Nancy Lang who declares to go through the house call battle formation (the one’s real name Junchoo Jeon) and divorce procedure hinted at the short state of mind. The photograph in which one girl appears in Instagram was published on 11th and Nancy Lang left the short writing that it is “the now the end”. The news that the day before Nancy Lang and house call gin is going through the divorce procedure with the marriage in just 10 months came out. The yesterday Nancy Lang will handle even if it is difficult as much as the love phosphorus which interviews with the edaily and which “ask to the deep apology about the fatigue which the people who are abundant in the process where it is noisily delivered to the divorce news will feel” ” I selects and the yesterday Nancy Lang takes the responsibility for the parts which I will have to take the responsibility and the yesterday Nancy Lang concentrates silently on the art and artwork in the future and lives life to the full. It revealed all Get “. The divorce got to be and determined with the verbal abuse, confinement, and violence, it confessed. Nancy Lang and house call battle formation was through Instagram at December last year and ㅇ informed the marriage registration fact. 2 people revealed the strong affection pass and the attention of the world was centered on every kind of malicious gossip of the house call jeans. However, therefore, the short marriage life of 2 people the period got to be photographed. Meantime, the house call gin turning away from Nancy Lang served the year 12 by 2 special robbery and rape suspicion in the past. Since 10,000 being released in 2013, the fact that is being cold was the electronic muter known and the shock was imposed upon the world. Besides, it is standing trial for the fraud case, and etc.
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