The father comes to the Hong Rokki and marriage in 7 years. Feel the sense it thanks.


The agency ‘the entertainment showing the idea’, on 11th, all Bahyeot the marriage It, as to the comedian Hong Rokki (49) becomes the father in 7 years The Hong Rokki is making a boast of the pregnancy news through the agency “it was me news which it hoped so far and it is so happy” to many people. If the pretty child resembling the wife came out, the news which it was good, is happy of was given. After that, he told “feel the sense the thank that the parents are installs” “it gives thanks to the wife who is together. The best would like to be more run out”. The Hong Rokki tells the meaning that it appears on the channel A variety program ‘the dad one’s real character’ in last March and wants the child. He got “it wants before growing older more, the child” the Chou-Jung Korean translation of Chinese character profit U.S. couple chest at that time. The wife Arin Kim of the Hong Rokki installed “when it works and the kid is born after the age of 40 and it wants”. Although, if the looks playing together with ” (with the Chou-Jung Korean translation of Chinese character the children) was so beautiful, the Hong Rokki did like “***” Chou-Jung Korean translation of Chinese character, there was the intention to give birth to the kid, it told. As much as it is on the late age to see the first child, the celebration message is pouring to the Hong Rokki. Congratulate. ” (smsj****) “the congratulation is congratulated, the wife’s help has to be nice” (blac****) “, neverthless, the health leisure, more, the healthy agar wishes to produce. The young couples are the orchid, there is too much and 50 is the youth on ” (dltn****) 100″ the years old the age. One life is precious in the like today era of low childbirth. It congratulated, the reaction of ” (lhs7****) back was shown. The various field including not only the gag stage but also song, broadcast, movie, musical, and etc. was covered and the Hong Rokki debutting as SBS 2 0 house comedian was active in 1993. It married the model Arin Kim of 11 years old youngers after in 2012.
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