‘the Happy Together 4’ Hahn, Han Geemin “one… Kkukku sweets” charms explosion


The actor Hahn, Han Geemin captivated the mind of the audience with the charms surprisingly. Hahn, Han Geemin appeared on the first broadcasted KBS2 variety program ‘the Happy Together 4’ as the guest p.m. 11 on 11th 10 minute. The Gee Sangryeol and wanna circle member Hwang Min string launching by MC Jaesuck Yoo Jeon Hyeonmoo tax Ho and special MC had together. This day broadcasting the end was decorated with ‘the click bounding’. It is the corner which the hit proceeds with the base as the name of the star in the desired place after taking a picture of the star movie and uploading in on-line if 1 million times are over. In this corner, hahn, Han Geemin shot the image on the creation which it does the video call with the virtual boyfriend. Hello. What does install one? Weren’t you small yet? 1 in which Hahn, Han Geemin who starts the video call warmly it takes off the rhyme is born the end of is mostly gone out now Do you see once in being this seashore? The scenery was shown and it laughed as if it were shy. After that, he asked the Hwang Min string in which it enjoyed the huge popularity and where there is for the hit attack for ‘the Kkukku sweets’ charm. And then, the camera at was looked and the charms was surprisingly emitted with “the Kkukku sweets” and the cheer of the whole assembly was caused, saying that it was “the one, The transactions in which this is popular recently”. Because of being so and late, I don’t waiting and am sleeping. The video call was finished with the people feeling sweet it loved. Hahn, Han Geemin has been practicing to do the volunteer work constantly and divide. All Bahyeot the doctor that it would like to contribute to this day Hahn, Han Geemin “the security authority of the abused children is insufficient” the protection of children center In addition, it thinks. The people who ask don’t know they stop. If it has to do how It is likely to be the good chance which opens the donation window and can participate altogether in the donation. It was the good corner and told.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735147.htm, 2018/10/12 10:56:37]