The Kim Sohyun and MBC ‘Eondeonaintin’ MC joining “really, the hapiness”


The actor Kim Sohyun joins in MBC new audition program ‘Eondeonaintin’ MC. As to Kim Sohyun, ㅇ informed the fact that it got to open the picture hold ‘Eondeonaintin’ Q card in Instagram on 12th and play an active part as MC. The revealed photo heart Kim Sohyun boasts the neat and tidy beauty and there is. The Kim Sohyun gets to do with 57 people participants who are creative and it is really happy. The teenager friends like the shining raw ore would be introduced, the broadcasting was expected and it revealed. The Kim Sohyun which all over the ground is playing an active part in the drama movie, and etc. after debutting as the child actor the past MBC ‘ show It launches by the Music Core ‘, KBS’ acting award ‘the, 2,018 year’ Seoul Music Award ‘ etc. MC. The progress understanding the feeling of the participants at the teenager based on the various experiences well be expected to be shown. The first video recordings saw the talent with the overflowing talent of the participants at the teenager of 57 people at that time and the Eondeonaintin ‘ pity ” Kim Sohyun revealed the unlike other people affection toward the participant. It explained to be the plan ” which it will accomplish the activity as ‘the supporters beating no. 1’ in which MC only is not severely. In the Eondeonaintin ‘, it is narrow including MC Kim Sohyun with the vocal part director crush. The rap part director dynamic duo, performance director Super Juniors Eunhyeok, and etc. has together. After dividing into 3 parts including vocal rap performance, and etc. and competing by the audition taking care of the teenager, ‘Eondeonaintin’ is the program which combines each section champions and which it makes the Idol group. The first weeks are broadcasted next month.
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