’emergency center’ Izi dirty dust surname, on 13th, the long fan and marriage “already, the legal couple”


The group sings the popular song ’emergency center’ Izi of the vocalist dirty dust castle gets married with today, (13 days). TV report reported on 13th, “all Ollin the wedding ceremony in one wedding hall of the dirty dust nature Kangnam, Seoul”. The bride of the dirty dust nature is the long fan of the dirty dust nature with the people associating for 3 years. There is the daughter who 8 months are with the condition where 2 people finishes the marriage registration already. As to this day master of ceremonies for the wedding, hahn, Han Myeongchin causes. When being the joint representative whom the dirty dust castle going to the axis manages, then Hyunmin Kim from ‘the voice Korea’, singer Donguk Shin, indie pop duo Seoul night, teuroteu singer Ittak, and students of the dirty dust castle and He in charge of. Previously, the dirty dust castle appeared on JTBC variety program ‘sugar.man’ on November, 2015 and called OST of the drama ‘the Kkwaegeolchun incense’. All Moat the interest 98 people suppress the fire among the generation-specific audience of 100 people at that time The dirty dust nature is working as the vocalist institute representative. It is the plan it prepares which in order to put out the album and which the appearing in TV starts.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735236.htm, 2018/10/13 13:24:50]