“every day, Yeoksa 新”… bulletproof Boy Scouts and K the pop first U.S. stadium concert


“BTS (the bulletproof Boy Scouts) opened the new epoch makes U.S.A stadium show the pushing on called the first Korean singer even though it was not trying to fit to Gumi of the Western Europe audience.”- the history of the Time magazine (TIME) K the pop musician is newly used. The group bulletproof Boy Scouts (the second hop Geemin Bwi political situation which RM shoe is defeated) that got the love of the global fan and is making the rare record every day opened the performance in American stadium with Republic of Korea mantissa primally. The singers enjoying the most popularity in U.S.A perform the stadium. Therefore, this performance of bulletproof Boy Scouts has the unlike other people meaning. It is the popularity and world bulletproof Boy Scouts which seems to prove the phase as ‘the stage grade’. In 6 days (under local time) New York in USA CT field, the bulletproof Boy Scouts decorated ‘the rub young fish self (LOVE YOURSELF)’ tour to North America finale. It was the Auckland Fort Worth Hamilton Newark Chicago rough beginning with LA on the 5th of last month. This tour was decorated with the 15th show. And 220,000 people seats were early altogether sold out. As to cT field, the famous pop star Ppol Kkatteuni Mae, beyonce, Lady Gaga, tailor swift, and etc. decorates the stage as the U.S. Major league New York Mets of the home ground in this place. 40,000 fans filling up this day stadium fullness responded about 3 hours show achieving 10 tablets of the bulletproof Boy Scouts with the hot shout and enthusiasm as if the performance place leaves. If the fan were early, if it was late on 5th, they pitched the tent from the before two days and waited for the concert for the entrance on a first-come first-served basis of this day performance. The extent that the tent is sparsely installed is not. The parking area was occupied it waited for the standing seat position as if about 100 tents formed the village. The fans revealed the passion. In the domestic performance Jang future, it was the skilled work to meet the fans of the domestic popularity Idol group staying up the night. However, even if ‘the sight it is up all night’ to was listened in front of U.S.A biggest scale performance place of the domestic Idol group global fans, it was the work which it is poor even if it saw. Moreover the consideration of recognizing New York subway authority can observe the performance scale of the bulletproof Boy Scouts, popularity, and etc. carefully. The addition organized the subway which new York subway authority runs to CT field. The Korean announcement stuck to the subway for the Korean fan finding the bulletproof Boy Scouts play before with the Engilsh announcement. On this day concert reported the overseas media including the New York the Times (The New York Times), Rawlings tone (Rolling Stone), NME, and etc. concentratedly after playing. The New York the Times praised 7 days (local time) bulletproof Boy Scouts highly as “the k pop singer succeeding most in U.S.A”. And the critic John Kkarama nica (Jon Caramanica) expressed through the New York the Times concert review article “the k pop superstar bulletproof Boy Scouts shined CT field stage and the fans responded”. In on this day concert ” (the bulletproof Boy Scouts) New York city field, the Rawlings tone finished the US Tour with the Syo achieving the cheer, the Rawlings tone was walking grandiosely the street which the before k pop group was unable to go and “***” 7 members evaluated. In addition, “rather it feels more mysteriously until the Chat child sees the housekeeping. And the message which the bulletproof Boy Scouts tells is really beautiful” conveyed the interview of the fans. The bulletproof Boy Scouts finished Great Britain London performance in the prosperity Ri on 9th on 10th. The performance in New York immediately after Great Britain famous magazine NME was the great interest the steps on the performance in New York of the bulletproof Boy Scouts, that is the situation where it has the performance in London ahead, at that time. The bulletproof Boy Scouts photograph in the current issue cover which it revealed NME as “the k pop band conquer the world held U.S.A stadium play with Korean singer primally” “the bulletproof Boy Scouts is producing the already new station building. However, this is the beginning as hises fans tell. “, 10 days Time magazine (TIME) issues on 22nd the threadIt predicted Rinda. The time was revealed on the bulletproof Boy Scouts “When as to BTS, the Kkeul Eo gathered the manias with the song hovering around Beatles, ‘ the Simkung ‘ (heartthrob) one the appearance like the circle direction, and rim of the ear with the Nyukkijeuon double rock and dance like the Ensingkeu and the most popular boy band became in the world”. The bulletproof Boy Scouts keeps ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ European tour including the Amsterdam in the Netherlands, germany berlin, France Paris, and etc. beginning with Great Britain London. As to ‘I am loved’, which the bulletproof Boy Scouts transmits the message is spreading in the whole world.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735121.htm, 2018/10/13 05:00:02]