Ok So-ri and losing a suit “it is painful” in Italian shelf and custody dispute


The actor Ok So-ri lost a lawsuit from Italy shelf ex-husband Mr.A and custody dispute. The Hankook Ilbo reported on 13th, “ok So-ri put Italy shelf Mr.A and 2 children and it lost a lawsuit in the propelled custody lawsuit”. This was known to be altogether determined according to Taiwan method. Ok So-ri went through ” first trial and second trial and third trial to this medium to the trial on appeal case. The justice between 6 months was gone through, “***” last hope was not placed since 2016 in 2 and in conclusion, it was unable to have the custody and was painful and told. After that, it was the situation where “the father of the child (mr.A) left the home at spring of 2016. Unilaterally the custody application for modification was received” ” justice is inevitable. The trial decision on appeal case came out and did in a few days ago. After being divorced from the actor thin iron in 2007, Mr.A and year 2,011 remarried and Ok So-ri put 1 daughter, 1 son the subgenual. It was living in Taiwan. But Ok So-ri was left after the year 5 and one woman of Taiwan and new family was made and it had the divorce. The marriage registration was not done with Mr.A and Ok So-ri was the cohabitation relationship. As to Ok So-ri, the dad, as to the mom got to take care of ” children at the Hankook Ilbo on 20th for 10 days. When going on vacation, with seeing half and half it was decided and concretely, revealed. It was deprived of the custody of the daughter while Ok So-ri was divorced from the thin iron. It is the count losing the custody of the daughter bringing about in the first marriage and 2 children who get after remarrying altogether. Ok So-ri made debut as the cosmetic advertisement model in 1987. It appeared in the movie ‘the raining day watercolor’ ‘the portrait of the youth’ ‘the white rainy day’ drama ‘diary of a hero’ ‘mr.Lee’ ‘the step-dad the twenty nine’ etc.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735248.htm, 2018/10/13 18:08:49]