‘pager’ the ill-mannered line of the car IU is crossed in 10


‘the attack the Beep♪ it is over the Yellow C A R D this level’ (among IU ‘ pager ‘ housekeeping) a moment debut 10-in service and singer IU (it is 25· one’s real name fatty) announced the digital single ‘pager’. If the line is crossed, IU the child maintenance sing the attack around ‘pager’ is exceeding the line. The debut, in 10, the difference world of singers ‘the king senior’ It gets to expect the overripe stage manner and to see the winning card as the singing ability one new rather than the image bouncing with a pat or concept is expected. Wengeol. IU who is new and fresh is in ‘pager’. The debut in the 10th anniversary was commemorated at last 10th at 6 p.m. and IU revealed the special digital single ‘pager’ the same time to every kind of Portal site and sound source site. ‘pager’ arouses the curiosity hot of the listeners by the tune of the alternative rhythm and blues genre in which IU makes a challenge refreshingly from the issue. As to music chart, ‘pager’ did ‘all kill’ after opening. The release 1 hour all people took the melon the song p.m. 7 on 10th. It put name in 5 music chart real-time rank, 1 Wi including the bucks, Naver-music, orle music, and etc. ‘pager’ today, (12 days) is keeping 5 major sound source site music chart real-time rank top still still. It is him whose the blank of the women arose in the musical activity in 1 because of completing the busy schedule including the drama and article talents appearance on the stage, and etc. so far. However, the main Portal site real time searching Eo 1 Wi as well as the chart normality was simultaneously held with ‘pager’ issue and the unlike other people sense of presence was proved. IU ins charge of the writing the lyrics and honest her idea bouncing with a pat and story is included in the housework as it is and ‘pager’ is becoming a hot issue between the listeners more. All Eodeot the popularity which is 2 years ago explosive accordingly in ‘the twenty three’, putting its own one’s innermost feeling sincerely moreover, that reason when it was the age 23 of IU It is one holding ‘pager’ housekeeping of IU who It becomes ‘the twenty three’ housekeeping and 25 in which 23 IU write down comparatively moreover different fun. It seems to be the repetition of the simple melody and lyrics. However, the musicality which becomes mature with the fascination profound and mysterious of IU peculiarity which it appreciates the song silently, seeps in the monotonous melody more and more delights the ear. Entirely his who was ill-mannered and cute fascination the music video was contained. It is the other fascination with ‘the girl group knife group dancing’ in which IU Seuwegeu overflowing showed ‘the own way knife group dancing’ and which it had been seeing in the existing at all. IU celebrating the 10th anniversary through ‘pager’ is still the sound source queen and the busiest one among the singer. It is the reason to hold ‘2,018 IU in the 10th anniversary the tour concert-, now’ from the coming 28th and make a tour of the nation and meet the fans. This concert is the performance which the meaning including everything of the past of IU and receive the debut year 10 the publics long love against until the new musical composition ‘pager’ hiting hard the music chart from the debut song ‘missing child’ recently and present is deep. This size is expanded to ‘asia tour’ after the domestic from December and Singapore meets the local fans in 4 cities with the Hong kong till Bangkok and 24~25 days Ttaibei on 8th on 15th on 16th. With the featuring which then when is and pleased as the story which is candid with the sometimes lyrical Ballard sometimes on the credit of the remake Ill-mannered ‘the line mountain air’ of the musician IU is proceeding.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735189.htm, 2018/10/13 06:00:01]